The Alien lounge : HR Giger Bar

Can you imagine stepping inside this bar? Bar? Yes, it is just a bar called “HR Giger Bar“, found at the HR Giger Museum in Gruyères, Switzerland. HR Giger Bar is a cavernous, skeletal structure covered by double arches of vertebrae that crisscross the vaulted ceiling of an ancient castle.

The sensation of being in this extraordinary setting recalls the tale of Jonah and the whale, lending the feel of being literally in the belly of a fossilized, prehistoric beast, or that you have been transported into the remains of a mutated future civilization.

This is a really impressive design and I bet you will have a unforgettable drinking experience inside.

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Happy News: The vinyl boom is about to get even boomier !

Sony Music is set to resume pressing records after nearly 30-years hiatus and operations are expected to pick back up by March 2018. The Japan record giant is opening a new record-pressing plant in response to the country’s growing consumer interest in vinyl, the Nikkei Asian Review reports.
Pressing is expected to commence in the Shizuoka Prefecture, located southwest of Tokyo. It signals the end of a nearly 30-years disappearance after Sony Music Japan initially shut down its in-house pressing operation in 1989 upon the advent of the CD.

However, as vinyl has over the last decade made a comeback worldwide, so too has the medium gained popularity in Japan; as Nikkei noted, vinyl sales in the country have “roughly octupled” from 2010 to 2016. But at the moment, Japan has only one active manufacturer, which means the demand outweighs the supply, resulting in limited new releases. This bottleneck production can also have adverse effects on independent labels and distributors, as we reported last year.

For now, Nikkei reported, Sony plan to repress “popular older songs, “mainly Japanese music to which Sony already hold the rights, as well as recent hit albums. To help cope with the high demand, Sony will also accept orders from outside labels.

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Bang & Olufsen review: Bluetooth speakers bliss Beoplay A1 

I am a huge fan of B&O when it comes to sound quality and excellent design, so don’t judge my sanity if I confessed that I own three B&O audio products two Bluetooth speakers and one headphone (outdated cannot review it)

It’s not often a Bluetooth speaker has its designer’s name tucked away within its specification. But then the BeoPlay AWhich I both purchased” by Bang & Olufsen, are no ordinary Bluetooth speakers; they are both exemplary for the kind of sound quality that can be achieved at this small scale.

The thing is, their prices point is far from ordinary too. The obvious question, then, is whether it’s worth the investment?

Bang & Olufsen is well known for its design. The Danish company walks the line between understated and outlandish, falling into the former camp for the A1 (it is designed by Cecilie Manz – a well-known industrial designer)

Beoplay A1 circular base gives it a nautical, port-hole kind of appearance – especially once it’s been hung from the wall via its tied leather strap.
Up top is an aluminium grille, complete with arrangement of fine holes to disperse sound; beneath which is a polymer base with hidden soft-touch buttons to hold everything together.

The two parts are well connected, although they look somewhat separate from one another. Rested on a tabletop and it’s not necessarily B&O Play’s finest work, especially compared to some of its higher-end products.

Operability is great. A USB Type-C port ensures quick charging of the 2,200mAh on-board battery, which can last for up to a day at a time. We’ve easily been getting two working days at a time when set to a reasonable volume.

There’s app connectivity with the B&O BeoPlay, but connectivity isn’t as complex as some larger dedicated speakers. There’s no Airplay, or WiFi, for example – although it is possible to pair two of the speakers into a stereo pair, if you have a lot of spare cash to buy two of them.

Design shortcomings are more comparisons to the competition rather than major failings: the B&O lacks waterproofing like the Ultimate Ears UE Boom, for example, while its sound can’t project in as full a 360-degree arrangement either.

But just because it can’t fire sound out in all directions really doesn’t matter – it’s not like you’ll mount it backwards and hope it sounds at its best. Indeed, when you first hear the BeoPlay A1 you’ll be surprised that sound this good can come from something so small.

The real standout point for the A1 is just how significant its bass response is from a speaker of this size. It’s taut and can manage frequencies as low as 60Hz, which is plenty base enough. Having caught-up with DJ Friction’s D&B show on Radio 1, it did a grand job of firing out basslines like a speaker far larger would. That’s down to an “aluminium core sub-woofer, powerful magnetic system and amps,” says B&O.

Not that it’s all bass – the BeoPlay A1 is really well balanced with its delivery of all kinds of music, from ensuring mid-range vocals cut through, to sparkly high-end percussion. It’s not overly sharp nor resonant, just a real exemplary speaker for how good sound quality can be at this scale.


It might be small “for that I bought it” but the B&O BeoPlay A1’s big sound makes it standout in the portable Bluetooth speaker market. We may have baulked at its price at first, but given how good it sounds, we think it’s worth every cent.

Sure, there’s no WiFi, AirPlay, waterproofing or 360-degree design like some of its competitors, but the solid battery, build quality, extra drive of bass and sheer audio clarity give this speaker the upper hand when it comes to sound quality. The BeoPlay A1 is well worth saving up for.


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Review: Kindle New Paperwhite


Amazon released a new Kindle Paperwhite in July and the tech specs are basically the same as the 2015 edition, except this model is available in white. Tradtionally Amazon has always released e-readers that are black and now that a white one is easily accessible in North America and Europe many people are wondering if the new white body hinders or enhances the e-book reading experience. Here is my review to see if the new color makes a difference.


The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 3 has a e-ink Carta display screen with a resolution of 1430×1080 and 300 PPI. This device has a sunken screen, whereas the Oasis and Voyage both have flush screens and bezels. This is one of the big reasons why the Paperwhite is affordable at $119.

This e-reader has a front-lit display, that allows you to illuminate the screen so you can read in the dark. It has four LED lights that power the front-lit display, whereas the Voyage has six and the Oasis 10.

Underneath the hood is a 1 GHZ processor and 512 MB of RAM. There is 4 GB of internal storage and the majority of your content will be held in the cloud. There is certainly enough space to have a thousand e-books on your device at any given time. Amazon does not include SD cards in their modern e-readers so you will not be able to increase the memory beyond 4 GB.


The vast majority of the e-readers on the market are jet black and they all look similar. The Kindle Paperwhite 2016 white edition bucks the trend and right now this model and the B&N Nook Glowlight Plus are the only two currently being sold.

I would recommend this device to anyone who wants to stand out in a crowd and doesn’t want to break the bank doing it. You can buy this right now from Amazon for $119 and many times a year Amazon discounts it. Personally I have ordered this particular model because of the plastic body and the color.

New Color!
High Resolution
Solid Front-Lit Display
The Bookerly font makes e-book reading more intuitive
X-Ray, Whispersync, Flashcards etc.


Screen looks more grey then prior models
No SD Card
PDF experience is lacking

Rating: 9/10




WWDC: Apple is WAY out of the way!


For the techies out there, I’m sure you watched the keynote by now or at least been through a couple of articles to summarize the whole thing.  Amazing and surely not disappointing is all what was unveiled yesterday at the WWDC. I doubted Tim Cook. I admit it. Despite the rumors prior WWDC, I thought he wouldn’t pull it off. Watched the Keynote twice last night, that’s how good it was. Apple strikes again and proves it’s not a one-person organization. They are way ahead of other companies, not even close to be in anyone’s way.

What features I liked most?

IOS 6:

  • Siri can now launch apps.
  • Siri can pull in scores, game summaries and player stats.
  • Siri integrates with Yelp and OpenTable for restaurant reviews and reservations.
  • There is also a “Do Not Disturb” mode. Messages will still come to your phone, but the screen won’t light up or make any noise.
  • FaceTime will now work over cellular connections.
  • Users can now share groups of photos to their friends over iCloud.
  • Apple is launching its own mapping app.
  • The new Apple Maps integrates with Yelp.

OS X Mountain Lion:

  • iMessage is coming!!!
  • Deeper Twitter integration. It’ll be everywhere even in photo booth!
  • Deeper iCloud integration. Now music, photos, reminders, notes and calendars are all accessible on all mac devices.
  • Airplay:  mirror your desktop to an HDTV with a click  as long as you have an Apple TV.  NO WIRES NEEDED.

New Line of MacBooks:

  • Apple updated the MacBook Air with 3rd generation Core processors with Intel turbo boosting.
  • The computers can sport up to 8GB of RAM, and 512GB of flash storage.
  • Apple is adding USB 3 to the MacBook Air line, which is 10 times faster than USB 2.
  • The Updated MacBook Pro was also upgraded with 3rd-generation 2.7GHz Ivy bridge processors.
  • The Updated MacBook Pro is also being updated with USB 3.
  • The Next Generation MacBook Pro  is the lightest MacBook Pro in Apple history.
  • The Next Generation MacBook Pro has a Retina display,a 15.4” 2880 x 1800 screen, making it the world’s highest-resolution notebook display.

Beat that Competitors. Beat That.

For Every foodie,

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