The Alien lounge : HR Giger Bar

Can you imagine stepping inside this bar? Bar? Yes, it is just a bar called “HR Giger Bar“, found at the HR Giger Museum in Gruyères, Switzerland. HR Giger Bar is a cavernous, skeletal structure covered by double arches of vertebrae that crisscross the vaulted ceiling of an ancient castle.

The sensation of being in this extraordinary setting recalls the tale of Jonah and the whale, lending the feel of being literally in the belly of a fossilized, prehistoric beast, or that you have been transported into the remains of a mutated future civilization.

This is a really impressive design and I bet you will have a unforgettable drinking experience inside.

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The Beautiful Tree of Italy: Alberbello

Alberobello (Italian: means literally “beautiful tree”) is a small town and comune of the metropolitan city of Bari, Apulia, southern Italy. It has about 10,700 inhabitants and is famous for its unique trullo buildings. The trulli of Alberobello have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1996.

Alberobello was first mentioned in the early 16th century when the first 40 families were granted land to farm in the area. The abundance of calcareous sedimentary material in the area lead to the building of houses with dry stone without the use of mortar. These houses were the first trulli which contributed to the expansion of the settlement. Building the houses of dry stone was a requirement of Count Giangirolamo II as in this way it was avoidable to pay taxes on them. (Source)

There are so many hidden jewels in Italy much more than what is marketed, I personally discovered many charming towns and destinations by chance when doing road trips. Alberobello was one of these findings. located on the heel of the shoe (Italy map), It is 5 hours drive from Rome by car probably 3 hours from Naples.


The town is small, most of its old houses are renovated and turned into hotels or tourists markets. Only couple of houses are left untouched to preserve the town history.

Alberobello and its surroundings is definitely a relaxing/sightseeing place, after sunset there is nothing much to do other than dinner and for me specially in that town was enough as their cuisine was amazing. While before sunset your day should be packed with activities according to your taste. The hotels there are pretty much the same in terms of exterior/interior design. If I was asked to recommend one it would be Il Gabellota Resort .

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These past couple of weeks I’ve been in full travel planning mode as I’m trying to organize everything for my upcoming business trips, so I couldn’t help but reminisce one of the most special spots I’ve ever stayed in. As you probably remember from previous post I mentioned that I will be visiting LA then VEGAS and back to LA. Los Angeles is one of my favorite places to travel too, Not only is it incredibly beautiful but there are also so many new places to discover every time you visit it. I wont share a travel guide with all my tips about where to eat, shop and have fun because to each his own ! I am just going to post about the hotels I stayed in and some of the places I liked.
so it’s high time I revealed the ultimate place to stay in the LA: Hotel Beverly Terrace ! It should be called Utopia though because at least to me the hotel is yard is just how I imagine Utopia!

Perched on a secluded hill overlooking the mountains of Beverly Hills, the hotel beverly terrace is the crown jewel of Beverly Hills hotels. The outer look of the hotel and the Lobby doesn’t reflect what its really like to walk in further inside. from the moment I’ve arrived I welcomed with chilled drinks at the bar. Shortly after checking in, I had a walk all around the hotel which really sealed the deal – and I was like this is going to be a fantastic 2 days.

The hotel was a maze of bright grey alleyways leading to the rooms. Some rooms like mine had a direct access to the yard pictured above. Its very hard to mix vintageness with modernness and come up with a masterpiece of design. I was positively surprised by how well it integrated with its surroundings. The atmosphere was also great – chic, relaxed and luxurious all in one. The hotel was not to big but it really had everything I needed: A rooftop area, an outdoor cocktail bar, a gym, a cute little busniess center and one of the best restaurants in the area.

The room was not spacious but very well designed to look so, spotless clean and beautifully decorated. Truth be told, I was worried it could be noisy as it also overlooked the yard/bar area, this was not an issue throughout my stay not at all. One of the things I really loved about the Hotel Beverly Terrace was how relaxed and intimate it felt. I typically spent my two nights unwinding by the roof, soaking up the sun, listening to great tunes and socializing with the amazing staff. That’s not to say that I didn’t get to enjoy the surrounding area too.

If you’re looking for a place in Los Angeles where you can treat yourself to a relaxing holiday, Then this hotel is absolutely the only hotel you should pick !

It may be pricey indeed but don’t let the cost startle you; you’ll be rewarded with one of your best traveling experiences for sure.

A special shout for the super amazing staff Yenory, Maria from the front desk and Aleckx from the bar/restaurants. At some places staff really make the difference !

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Emirates Airline A380 Business Class Review


My connection was 1 hour in Dubai airport so I had to run immediately to the gate “flight number EK215” rather than the business class lounge, I boarded through the door on the lower deck, walked up the staircase through first class, and then found myself in the business class cabin.

Emirates’ A380 business class cabin is massive, with 76 seats. There’s a forward business class cabin with 58 seats, and then a rear cabin with 18 seats. As you can see, the forward cabin is huge.

Emirates’ A380 business class product is in a staggered configuration, with each fully flat seat featuring direct aisle access.

I had assigned myself seat 18A, which was the window seat in the fourth to last row of the forward cabin. Emirates’ business class seats are staggered, meaning that in each row they alternate between being closer to the aisle and being closer to the window. you’ll want to select the seats closest to the window, if possible. That’s because these seats have significantly more privacy, and really feel like cocoons.


As you can see below, the seats closer to the aisle don’t have nearly as much privacy, and feel quite exposed

Meanwhile to my right was the entertainment controller, seat controller, minibar, power outlets, and more storage.

Generally speaking I find this type of staggered configuration to feel pretty claustrophobic, especially the area for your feet, which is often too small to be able to move your feet when in the reclined position.

The meal was done about 2hr30min after takeoff, which is quite long for a three course meal. Then again, it’s not like there’s much of a rush on a 16+ hour flight.

As far as the service goes, I think the crew was friendly, though I think Emirates’ service procedures in business class are way better than any other airline I’ve tried. The entire experience feels like an assembly line.

I really felt guilty asking for things “out of turn,” although the crew is so nice during the service they also looked so stressed. and has a very specific procedure. Perhaps part of the problem is that Emirates has a pretty big business class cabin.

So while it’s not the crew’s fault, there’s room for improvement on Emirates’ part.

At this point we were approaching Russia, and I decided to check out the bar at the back of business class.

In the bar there was dedicated cabin crew called Christina from “Lithuania” she was simply amazing, as a person who cannot sleep during flights I spent most of my time at the bar chatting with her and other passengers, it was like a social place with people from all around the world.


She also offered me a pre-departure beverage from a tray, with the choice between champagne, rose champagne, apple juice, or orange juice. I had a glass of champagne, and was also asked if I wanted the wine list for the flight.

It was my first time on A380 business call and that’s the reason I am posting about it !

Over all it was one of the best flights I have ever took. Emirates exceeded my expectation.

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Bang & Olufsen review: Bluetooth speakers bliss Beoplay A1 

I am a huge fan of B&O when it comes to sound quality and excellent design, so don’t judge my sanity if I confessed that I own three B&O audio products two Bluetooth speakers and one headphone (outdated cannot review it)

It’s not often a Bluetooth speaker has its designer’s name tucked away within its specification. But then the BeoPlay AWhich I both purchased” by Bang & Olufsen, are no ordinary Bluetooth speakers; they are both exemplary for the kind of sound quality that can be achieved at this small scale.

The thing is, their prices point is far from ordinary too. The obvious question, then, is whether it’s worth the investment?

Bang & Olufsen is well known for its design. The Danish company walks the line between understated and outlandish, falling into the former camp for the A1 (it is designed by Cecilie Manz – a well-known industrial designer)

Beoplay A1 circular base gives it a nautical, port-hole kind of appearance – especially once it’s been hung from the wall via its tied leather strap.
Up top is an aluminium grille, complete with arrangement of fine holes to disperse sound; beneath which is a polymer base with hidden soft-touch buttons to hold everything together.

The two parts are well connected, although they look somewhat separate from one another. Rested on a tabletop and it’s not necessarily B&O Play’s finest work, especially compared to some of its higher-end products.

Operability is great. A USB Type-C port ensures quick charging of the 2,200mAh on-board battery, which can last for up to a day at a time. We’ve easily been getting two working days at a time when set to a reasonable volume.

There’s app connectivity with the B&O BeoPlay, but connectivity isn’t as complex as some larger dedicated speakers. There’s no Airplay, or WiFi, for example – although it is possible to pair two of the speakers into a stereo pair, if you have a lot of spare cash to buy two of them.

Design shortcomings are more comparisons to the competition rather than major failings: the B&O lacks waterproofing like the Ultimate Ears UE Boom, for example, while its sound can’t project in as full a 360-degree arrangement either.

But just because it can’t fire sound out in all directions really doesn’t matter – it’s not like you’ll mount it backwards and hope it sounds at its best. Indeed, when you first hear the BeoPlay A1 you’ll be surprised that sound this good can come from something so small.

The real standout point for the A1 is just how significant its bass response is from a speaker of this size. It’s taut and can manage frequencies as low as 60Hz, which is plenty base enough. Having caught-up with DJ Friction’s D&B show on Radio 1, it did a grand job of firing out basslines like a speaker far larger would. That’s down to an “aluminium core sub-woofer, powerful magnetic system and amps,” says B&O.

Not that it’s all bass – the BeoPlay A1 is really well balanced with its delivery of all kinds of music, from ensuring mid-range vocals cut through, to sparkly high-end percussion. It’s not overly sharp nor resonant, just a real exemplary speaker for how good sound quality can be at this scale.


It might be small “for that I bought it” but the B&O BeoPlay A1’s big sound makes it standout in the portable Bluetooth speaker market. We may have baulked at its price at first, but given how good it sounds, we think it’s worth every cent.

Sure, there’s no WiFi, AirPlay, waterproofing or 360-degree design like some of its competitors, but the solid battery, build quality, extra drive of bass and sheer audio clarity give this speaker the upper hand when it comes to sound quality. The BeoPlay A1 is well worth saving up for.


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Diem: HOT Brazilian Shoe Brand

I love fashion ! and I admire Brazilian concepts. As usual I was randomly browsing the internet for new fashion items found this stunning Shoes Brand, what is special about it in short:

  1. Simple yet stunning designs !
  2. All models are unisex.
  3. Variety of designs.
  4. Sophisticated materials and Made in Brazil !

The website does not support english yet, I know that very soon it will ! although its not a problem if you use chrome browser as it will translated it into english.

I will certainly orderer my favorite pairs through Aramex since they offer a virtual address in Brazil !

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A Personal Story of Living through Depression


A recovery story is a messy thing. It has dozens of beginnings and no final ending. Most of the conflict and drama is internal, and there’s a lot more inaction than action. The lead character hides in the shadows much of the time, so you can’t even see what’s going on.

I joined up with depression around the age of 28. I have took beautiful photographs, and there are lots of me in moody shadows, looking as happy I could be, but feeling crushed ,destroyed and had no purpose in life.

First I thought its just that down period any person can experience, then it lasted months then years. I tried everything “Natural” to lift my mood nothing ever worked.

At the age of 32 I developed severe insomnia that I could stay awake for 3 consecutive days without single second of a sleep. This made my depression even worse. At this stage I started looking for professional help, I visited at least 10 psychologists, energy healers and psychiatrists. It did not work either.

I then got addicted to a natural shelf pill to help me sleep, it used to take me to an euphoria state before it knocks me down to sleep, after a while health care authorities found out that its a mix of prescriptioned meds they ban it and took it out of the market which resulted in a horrible withdrawal symptoms for me, it was the worst period of my life.


Migraine headaches started then, and increasingly intense anxiety about work, business, family obligations and I’ve isolated my self from any social activity. I missed many days, felt shame as if I were faking, and obsessed over every one of my failings. I spent months alone in my room refusing to do any kind of activities.

At the age of 36 insomnia was getting worse and worse, and no doctor or medicine could help me sleep.

So I started researching online, and stumbled upon an article about how neurotransmitters control our minds state and eventually our lives.

I did a blood tests to measure the levels Dopamine, Serotonin, Acetylcholine and GABA. And just after knowing the results I was able to take the right supplements and medications which changed my life of course into better state. My desire to live, work and socialize returned to normal.

My advise to anyone going though this is to do these tests. And go to a professional to analyze it and advise/prescribe the right medicine that will definitely work.

As setbacks happen. There’s no simple happy ending. But if you’re determined an inner shift occurs, and the new normal is a decent life rather than depression.


Check this LINK it will help you understanding how neurotransmitters work.

One of my hobbies


Luggages and laundry carriers from 1950s


I have alway been a collector of vintage stuff, I collect vintage notebooks (diaries), vintage luggage, music boxes, stationary and sometimes I build furniture and make them look vintage and its not only that I collect them I actually utilize/use them. I don’t sell them though.

in this post I will show some of the stuff I collected.



A vintage decorative mannequin


Vintage radio that have an AUX socket


A storage cabinet with a storage box above


The above box is one of the most valuable stuff I got. Because it is a laundry box that belongs to a soldier who actually participated in the Second World War.



I have tons of notebooks with different desigs I try to fill them with my life story, eventually one day I will surely go. Those who will read them will know everything about me .. and enjoy reading them specially the chapter I called “The things I could not say”.

Notebooks and vintage envelopes

The leather notebook is a Japanese brand called Midori they sell hell of stationary stuff that blow any person mind with such interest. It is customizable and very practical for business. Below are pictures to demonstrate what items I bought to “build it” according to my need. Every thing inside this beautiful stuff is from the brand it self, different kind of tiny notebooks that are fixed via elastic strings, then comes a plastic sealable pocket, pen, pen holder, paper business card holder and a beautiful plastic divider that can be used as a ruler as well !

Pause Factory: A taste of Unknown perfect Coffee Roasters 



I’ve heard about a new cafe Located in the packed cafes area in Downtown Kuwait roasting its own Brazilian blend of coffee. The exterior seating and their show window is welcoming everyone to have a closer look. I kept staring at the roaster machines showed in the front window. Before deciding to give it a try, I ordered cold brew coffee and an Iced Cubano which is basically a cold latte with a syrup. It was bit pricey but worth it to kick start my early morning. Picking menus from the front counter was easy and attractive.

Sipping on a the recommended flavored medium sweet latte called Cubano was such a pleasure that got me addicted, The selection of breakfast and brunch food did wow me, it was displayed in a perfect neat way although they had huge selection of sandwiches, cookies, cakes, salads and pastary. The only small problem is that the hot food goes cold quickly (not a problem for me) a heated plate would fix this anyway. The food is presented on a wooden serving flat plate that looks exceptionally pretty. The service was Spot on for a cafe. Both the coffee and the sandwich I ordered arrive in good time and the staff was so nice and welcoming, checking up on me several times throughout my time their.

The smart interior is well suited to the growing businesses around it, and is already popular with locals for a workday coffee and surprisingly its packed with youth in the evening time. The plants, vintage grinding machines and glowing lights hanging from the ceiling are its stand-out feature that adds interest to the dark, industrial interior. I personally dislike crowded places so I never visit it in the evening. But at the morning it’s perfect for just chilling or working, as they have spectacular comfortable work stations and nice outdoor settings.

PS: This post is not a an advertisement. I post what I like.

I already reviewed one cafe, this is the second. The third and fourth are coming soon. After that I will dedicate a post to rate them all

I ended up returning every single morning before work to Pause Factory for their Cubano coffee. I am an espresso addict but had to stop drinking it to fix my insomnia issue.

Rating 8/10 just because of its high prices.

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