Color Scanning Pen !


Jinsun Park is a South Korean designer that invented this tool. He was probably inspired by the eyedropper tool from Photoshop which allows you to pick the color of any object on the canvas and use it for drawing other objects on your PC. The Park’s invention does the same thing, but in the real world. At the end of this concept tool is a color sensor that scans a real world color. After the scanning process a micro-computer calculates the amounts of red, green and blue inks that are needed to recreate the scanned color. On the other end is a ball point where the mixed ink flows from. It is a bit strange that the pen uses the RGB (Red-Green-Blue) color model which is typical for digital displays as PC monitors and TV. Normally for printings computers use the CMYK model (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-blacK). But aside of this, the ability to paint with color of the apple or the strawberry you just saw is quite interesting.

Creative Covers For iPhone 4/4s via @CircusMaximos

These awesome cases are European design label focusing on bringing art and fashion to smartphones.

The production method is totally new to the accessories industry: designs are carefully fused into a shape by a laser, one layer at a time. This “3D Printing” allows for more freedom of form, and is also affordable without having to make thousands of pieces. It enables artists to fully express their ideas and show them to customers faster.

Instead of meaningless mass production this company believes in dazzling unique designs, more variety, and using factories only for those products we really want.


These Products are available for sale in kuwait by @Circusmaximos you can place an order or ask for your free catalog by contacting them through e-mail through: or by whatsapp/phone : 55340484



Mega Bulb By Sofie Refer

Mega Bulb is a classic glass pendant light, a piece created by designer Sofie Refer. Using the shape of the first electric lamps, the lamp bulb is handcrafted and imperfections in the glass create unique objects. Minimalist, functional with Scandinavian classicism, the Mega Bulb is a timeless piece of design, being a perfect companion for the kitchen chef or lighting large rooms and spaces. It has won numerous awards like the “GOOD DESIGN award” and “Wallpaper Design Award”.

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Turn Your Obsolete Tech To Some Useful Thing !

Ever thought of doing some thing creative with that stored junk of tech toys you had. Inspite of knowing that they ain’t do anything except occupying some of your wardrobe space.

An Artist named Rodrigo Alonso made some good thing out of nothing. Well he took all his junk old obsolete tech stuff, put them in a mold of stool and started adding some clear Epoxy Resin in it which filled all the empty spaces. On drying he got a stool which seemed like some crunched techs held together in a large block of ice. So finally he could make use of all that recyclable material. No doubt it would be having  some odd looks like not fitting in house with other furniture but surely with some decorative artistic patterns and even the use of some colorful resins can make it look better in your room.

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Byzero Studio Pen – Fastest And Accurate IPad Stylus

Ever wanted to write on your iPad like a real paper with a pen ? Well Byzero Studio Pen is the most accurate and fastest stylus for  iPads. This stylus was designed to remove the difference between writing at a paper and writing on an iPad. Its super accurate and precise. Its unique palm rejection technology integrated with Byzero Free Apps which, like no other stylus, avoids unwanted palm detection while working. BUY it here | $160 .

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Anisha Lamp by Foscarini

The Anisha Lamp by Italian design studio Foscarini is not just a lamp, but a surprising, personal object you will fall in love with at first sight. Anisha has a fluid and enveloping frame, a dynamic irregular ellipse. It features a touch switch that is also integrated in its shape and responds to the simple touch of a finger. With its minimal bulk, the lamp looks amazing both on and off. Available in two sizes and two colors, white and red.

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Never Over Sleep: Meet The Running Alarm Clock !

Nanda Home, are the creators of Clocky and Tocky, the alarm clocks that run away from you so you never over sleep.
What an amazing idea this is !!
Further Product description from their website:
“Special Edition alarm clocks run away to get you out of bed, and helps save lives! When it’s time to wake up, this alarm clock will leap off your nightstand and run away beeping to ensure you’re awake. For every sale of Clocky , Nanda Home will contribute 5% to The Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS.”
If you ever wanted to order this click here

The Cyber Mirror !


Mirror Display

The Cybertecture® Mirror is a reflective mirror with programmable applications and digital display for the home, office and public environments (hotels, hospitals, retail shops).

Connected to internet

The Cybertecture® Mirror is seamlessly connected with the internet via wireless communication technology.

Digital Interface

The Cybertecture® Mirror is a visual reflective display to augment your reflection with interactive information and can be customized for specific functions.

User Control

The Cybertecture® Mirror can be used in an active or passive mode, controlled via its remote control (included) and/or smartphones (optional). Passively, the Cybertecture® Mirror remains as an everyday reflective mirror. Actively, the Cybertecture® Mirror interacts with users by delivering useful information as well as monitor your health via its peripheral sensor pad (included) and communicates with your computer, mobile phone, personal digital assistant to enhance your daily life.


You can have this gadget by ordering it from the company’s website by clicking HERE