Restaurant Review: The Best Food I’ve Ever Had

Located in the most stunning place in the UAE (Dubai) Folly by Nick & Scott is a modern international cuisine fine dinning restaurant delivering inventive and at times unfamiliar flavours using fresh ingredients that will make your tongue bud dance in happiness !

The picture below shows the brief story of of how the owners was involved in designing the interior.

I found about it randomly on instagram and judging from their terrace I immediately decided to celebrate my birthday there. As I am obsessed with terraces. My whole impression was amazing, I always judge restaurants by a bunch of factors (Quality of food, Interior, Terrace and facilities, cleanliness and atmosphere). Folly had it all ! Anyone who lives in Dubai or visiting and didn’t had a meal in Folly in my opinion just missed the best place in Dubai.


As a person who appreciates food a lot I have been crushing through different restaurants all day I was still pretty full at this point, so I decided to order their tasting menu and two appetizers to share, to at least get a feel for the menu and what they had to offer. After my first bite to the first dish of appetizers whcih was a Boiled Octupus Soacked in lemon and butter I knew that this is the place that I would eat at everyday anytime !


 The tasting menus is shown below signed by every single employee in the place as a greetings for my birthday which was so sweet of them ! Never happened to me in any other place.

Every single dish in that menu was spectacular I never imagined that there would be anything like that to eat ! The balance of ingredients and the fusion of cuisines are what making this restaurant incomparable to any other at least to those I have been to, and they are A LOT. It’s even without exaggeration better than all the Michelin Stars rated restaurants I have been to.

I am really out of word to descirebe how awesome was the experience, the staff was amazing every single one of them greeted us with a smile.


Folly Restaurant is located in Madinat Jumeirah Dubai.


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