Milano’s Hidden Jewels 1: Maido Japanese food street

I am on a business trip to Milan, a city that I have visited 100s of times before. And always almost with each visit I get more and more convinced that you only find good places (any place) if you wander.


My arrival to Milan this time was a complete disaster in terms of flight. I have arrived 21st of July in the morning after horrific flight from Doha (23+ hrs). I hade to do couple of meetings upon arrival then went out with my clients for a meal and back to the hotel swaying like a zombie. Although I live in almost similar time zone area of (Milan) but when I woke up earlier today I felt like being jet lagged. I was confused what should I eat and decided to walk to a cafe that I see on daily basis but never visited it, of course as usual my memory was terrible and I got lost 🙂



I never regret being lost not in my own thoughts not physically ever because I always end up in a fantasy land ..

I have first to explain how I decide to choose where to eat just to make you understand what I have ignored on my way. Its not quantum physics but its probably unlike anyone else. Smell of the place is the most important factor for me, and NO it doesn’t have to smell nice, delicious/yummy or flowery for me to decide to stay. For a restaurant … it must be smell-less if I am allowed to say, the minimum the smell of cooking the biggest the chance it will have me thinking twice about getting in. Then comes the design, cuisine, location, ambience etc.

So I walked 45 minutes and saw bunch of places ignored each and every one because they fail to met my parameters, until I have stumbled upon Maido Milano! A small Japanese street food shop/restaurant full of locals. Has almost zero smell of cooking and their menu looked stunning. The smell factor was tempting enough for me the interior too looked beautiful, so I gave it a try and my guts was telling me you will never regret this ..

Maido Milano is A welcome respite from the repetitive culinary homogeny offered in the bars, cafes and restaurants of Milan. Sure, there are some places that are better than others, but when it comes to variety, Italy in general seems stuck in another era of time. Yes, there are other Japanese restaurants, but unfortunately they, too, all adhere to the same ‘all you can eat’, mediocre forumlas. Maido breaks out and offers a wonderful and refreshing take on Japanese Street food, which is actually even pretty rare in the world.

The hostess was incredibly sweet, the menu is simple and direct, the interior was well executed and the food was outstanding. Wish them them much success and hope to see more of this kind of innovation in the future.

I ordered :

1- onighiri whis is basically a rectangular pressed rice stuffed with fried shrims and Avecados. (The last on otsumami list)

2- Vegetables Yakisoba (vegetables Noodles).



3- Okonomiyaki (Eggs omelette wit bacon).

To sum everything up, I was subconsciously craving carbs and smell issues I mentioned met in my head so I immediately walked in without hesitation and made this order. I cannot even describe how good it is each and every dish. I have already tagged the place as HOME on google maps here not to visit again whenever I am in milan, but to visit it again and again until this trip last.

CLeanliness 10/10

Food quality/taste 10/10

Interior 9/10

Price 10/10

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