Pause Factory: A taste of Unknown perfect Coffee Roasters 



I’ve heard about a new cafe Located in the packed cafes area in Downtown Kuwait roasting its own Brazilian blend of coffee. The exterior seating and their show window is welcoming everyone to have a closer look. I kept staring at the roaster machines showed in the front window. Before deciding to give it a try, I ordered cold brew coffee and an Iced Cubano which is basically a cold latte with a syrup. It was bit pricey but worth it to kick start my early morning. Picking menus from the front counter was easy and attractive.

Sipping on a the recommended flavored medium sweet latte called Cubano was such a pleasure that got me addicted, The selection of breakfast and brunch food did wow me, it was displayed in a perfect neat way although they had huge selection of sandwiches, cookies, cakes, salads and pastary. The only small problem is that the hot food goes cold quickly (not a problem for me) a heated plate would fix this anyway. The food is presented on a wooden serving flat plate that looks exceptionally pretty. The service was Spot on for a cafe. Both the coffee and the sandwich I ordered arrive in good time and the staff was so nice and welcoming, checking up on me several times throughout my time their.

The smart interior is well suited to the growing businesses around it, and is already popular with locals for a workday coffee and surprisingly its packed with youth in the evening time. The plants, vintage grinding machines and glowing lights hanging from the ceiling are its stand-out feature that adds interest to the dark, industrial interior. I personally dislike crowded places so I never visit it in the evening. But at the morning it’s perfect for just chilling or working, as they have spectacular comfortable work stations and nice outdoor settings.

PS: This post is not a an advertisement. I post what I like.

I already reviewed one cafe, this is the second. The third and fourth are coming soon. After that I will dedicate a post to rate them all

I ended up returning every single morning before work to Pause Factory for their Cubano coffee. I am an espresso addict but had to stop drinking it to fix my insomnia issue.

Rating 8/10 just because of its high prices.

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