Man best friend: my dogs Chen & Chole ! 

Baby Chen
My Chow Chow Dogs named Chen and Chole Are 6 and 3 years old repectivly time has certainly gone by quickly – first I bought Chen ( he is one month older than my daughter) I decided to get Chen as a family pet and as gift for my daughter’s first birthday they basically grew together and developed an unbreakable bond. After witnessing how he had very special relationships with our big family specifically with my daughter protecting her and listen to her orders (he was never trained).

I realized that I must get him a female so I can breed them, not for any commercial use. But Sadly dogs life span is short, and I definitely want to have puppies with his blood flowing in their vains.

Baby Chloe
Beside that, since Chole lived with Chen for three years she became exactly like him behavior wise. Positive, social, loving, so friendly and above all loving us unconditionally.

True love
Chows have a bad reputation of being aggressive, but they are not, its all about how you raise them and treat them. They are stubborn but if you treat them right they would do anything to please you.

My advice to any person who wants to own a chow chow is to socialize them with kids from the puppy early age, also pick a pure breed of them.

The best shop in this country that sells the best breeds at convenient prices (the lowest in town) can be found on instagram : @q8_puppy .

Here are a few photos taken over the years.

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