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it’s been over 2 years or more since my last blog post….2 years…. That’s quite a break from blogging and I’m not sure why my motivation disappeared. I could use the excuse of not having enough time between work and spending time with my family (I’m a father of one beautiful daughter….and two amazing dogs). However, as I sit in the my room watching netflix on a Saturday afternoon glued to my bed, I realise that I do have time. I’m just not using my time very effectively.

After reading some of my earliest posts from years ago, I’m finding that most of my motivation for blogging was more about writing about topics that other people would find interesting. I would spend days thinking about a topic and countless hours rewriting and editing until I thought my post was good enough for people to read but maybe I need to rethink my purpose for blogging and how I blog. Instead of blogging for others maybe I need to be a little selfish with my blog. So after a 2 year hiatus, I’m going to attempt to reignite the spark that I used to have for blogging. I have changed the URL for my blog from to and I will endeavour to make time to blog mostly about myself but I will blog about meaningful posts for me and my readers.

PS: Kalopsia means a condition, state or delusion in which things appear more beautiful than they really are.


Mo is Back !

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