Kuwait's Green Wall

Rather than nagging about something in your country or going into street riots and create chaos just to try to fix something in your country ! do something beneficial for it ! just like what Kuwait Oasis project team are doing !


This is truly amazing everyone should participate in it some how .. or do something similar for Kuwait.


Cool Magazine Cover Pillowcases


If you ever dreamed about being on a magazine cover… let’s say this is the next best thing. These magazine cover pillowcases have a youthful feel about them and can turn out to be a fun and inspired present for all your “fashionable” friends.


These designs can transform their users into Esquire, Playboy, Vogue and even Times personalities, since the person on the cover is missing, therefore allowing the pillowcase owner to become the star of the evening. Sleeping like a media personality may not actually occur, but it is worth giving it a shot. The pillowcases can be purchased online here, for $ 39,99.

Chuck Flexible Bookshelves


These GENIUS flexible bookshelves, called “Chuck” (site in German) flexes to fit whatever books or other items you place on them. The shelves are made of a a series of pliable wooden planks all coming together at the two ends inside a metal bracket. It almost looks like a mouth. The bracket has rods going through slots in the wood to keep them from sliding right out.


The shape changes depending upon what size books you place in the shelves and where you place them. Here’s a video showing a man rearranging the shelves a few times.

The website is in German and I don’t really see a way to purchase them (probably since I don’t speak German). Natascha Harra-Frischkorn designed the shelves.