Awesome Icy Vest !

This vest is just amazing for those who work out doors in an extremely  hot climate  like here in Kuwait.

The vest have sleeves to contain ice cubes that will ensure keeping you cool no matter how hot it is around !

They are available on amazon for $ 64.23. if you are interested in ordering it CLICK HERE

Creative Covers For iPhone 4/4s via @CircusMaximos

These awesome cases are European design label focusing on bringing art and fashion to smartphones.

The production method is totally new to the accessories industry: designs are carefully fused into a shape by a laser, one layer at a time. This “3D Printing” allows for more freedom of form, and is also affordable without having to make thousands of pieces. It enables artists to fully express their ideas and show them to customers faster.

Instead of meaningless mass production this company believes in dazzling unique designs, more variety, and using factories only for those products we really want.


These Products are available for sale in kuwait by @Circusmaximos you can place an order or ask for your free catalog by contacting them through e-mail through: or by whatsapp/phone : 55340484