BaitBite The Home-Based Caterers Gathering Spot !

I’ve accidentally found this interesting website which provide free services for home-based cooks and caterers. The website display the caterers menus and offer delivery to the final customers.

I think its absolutely creative idea wich will make those who own home-businesses to reach the maximum number of people. As far as I know this is the first website that offers such services for free.

I have contacted the owners and received the following reply that explains the idea:

If you own a homemade food business, BaitBite will allow you to upload your dishes in an artistic personalized menu, and connect you with your customers in a very easy and enjoyable process like never before.

BaitBite will also provide you many other services to enhance your home food business such as delivery, professional photography and much more.”

For more information visit their website or follow them on twitter @baitbite

For Every foodie,

Since social network websites bursted out, we all noticed that almost everyone posts about their food, whether its a photo of their meal on instagram, a craving tweeted or checking in places on 4square.. This App has been out for a while, I’ve had it but since not so many people in town use it, therefore I only do when I’m out of K-town.. But its time for the word to spread.

The Foodspotting mobile apps make it easy to find and share food recommendations: Instead of reading and writing restaurant reviews, you can share photos of specific dishes you recommend and see what-else is good around you wherever you go.

Post, Explore and Find nearby.. Best thing about this App? Its available for all: IPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows.. What Are you waiting for? Go Ahead and download it..

Start Spotting food.