@KuwaitOasis: The Miracle is Now Happening

Few years back my older brother thought about the crazy idea of planting the desert. And he started it all by himself with few relatives and friends and very limited resources. They started planting trees in Nuwaiseeb Area Exit 298. Many doubted that such idea would work.

Yesterday  I was in the 3rd oasis in Nuwaiseeb exit 298, at least 100 Persons from different countries and ages participated in the planting event ! It was Miraculous to see all these people coming all the way from kuwait city to nuwaiseeb (1 hour drive) to plant trees in the desert !

The Passion I’ve witnessed there filled me with hope, pride and Joy ! I could never be prouder of my brother and those who came to participate !

Currently there are 3 different oasis in Nuwaiseeb exist 298, each contain at least 3000 trees !

There will be more oasis all around the country very soon I have no doubt !

Kuwait Oasis Miracle is Now Happening 🙂

If you want to participate in Kuwait Oasis future events please follow them on Twitter: @kuwaitoasis or Check their facebook page

London, a quick look at food..

I’ve been invited as a blog writer over a month ago but I didn’t know where to start from. Figured starting with this might give me a push since I love planning trips and reviewing places.

Last weekend wasn’t my first time in London, nor was it a long stay -a weekend practically, and I was there for a family matter so, you’d figure why It’s all about food. I am reviewing 4 Restaurants that I make sure to visit whenever I’m passing by London.

For every Chinese food lover, this is a MUST

Princess Garden Of Mayfair

It is one of my favorite restaurants just for the quality of food, the location, the value and the decor. Service is just another thing to be happy about, they do take extra care of you starting the moment you walk in! You’d have to reserve a table for after 9 pm and on weekends. The food is Ah-mazing!

Soups are perfect we tried the shark fin soup and Sweet Corn Soup with Chicken never had them better anywhere else. Appetizers are on the table in no time  to start teasing your taste buds! We had spring rolls and mongolian beef served on a lettuce it was different! crispy on the outside, extra-soft inside and very moist which reserves a spot in the memory for later cravings. The one and only recommended main dish, you should never visit Princess Garden Of Mayfair and not have it.. Fresh Lobster served with Spices and garlic, simply heavenly. *drools*

8-10 N Audley Street
London W1K 6ZD
Neighborhood: Marylebone
020 7493 3223
Opening hours: 12 pm – 4pm then 6 pm to 12 am
Closes 10:30 pm on Sundays
Reservations for tables at 9 pm or later and on weekends is preferred.


Aubaine – French/Mediterranean

Whether you’re there for breakfast, lunch or dinner, this french place will make you leave with a smile. Always.

It is famous for its bakery and oh my it is devine!

Its also famous for their Sole fish, and their Sea bass dishes. When We were there we had the Pumpkin soup with Truffle oil and parmesan as appetizers, Sole fish, Sea Bass and the Lobster Spaghetti as main dishes. Yumm!

They were perfectly perfect. I’ve never had a pumpkin soup before but this! the parmesan cheese melted in the heat, each spoon full had a string of cheese and a tint of truffle oil which made it unique!

I had the Lobster Spaghetti, home made spaghetti noodles with the right amount of rich sauce and lobster … it was excellent!

260 Brompton Rd
South Kensington
London,SW3 2AS
(020) 7052 0100
Opening hours: 9 am – 11pm

Zizzi – Italian

A group of 16, or just two. My pick for casual, quick italian food. It’s where oven baked pizza and calzones are dishes that make me go back. It’s a chain restaurant. You’d find lots of branches, being busy depends on the location but the food tastes the same everywhere. The service is fast and they deal with a big party professionally. When passing by, trying their calamari is a good choice, arancini is another appetizer that you shouldn’t miss. As I mentioned before, calzones and pizzas make me head back every time i’m there. So you’d guess my main courses. I love the atmosphere of the place. A buzz that suits families. Highly recommended.

One of the branches that I personally love:
20 Bow Street
London WC2E 7AW
Covent Garden
020 7836 6101
Opening hours: 12 pm – 11 pm.


The Meat & Wine Co – Steakhouse

When you’re craving that perfectly grilled steak, or you just want a juicy burger and by chance you’re in Westfield Shopping Centre or in the whereabouts of Shepherd’s Bush it’s where you should head to. Although The meat co. in 360 Mall has a very similar menu the atmosphere is different, the steaks taste better and they’re cooked exactly to your liking. Not a second more. BBQ Chicken wings were ordered for our Entree, grilled to perfection. Didn’t Like the blue cheese dip served though. The BBQ sauce is more than enough to keep it moist. As our main we had the New Yorker and Rump -surf & turf. It was out of this world.  Robust! Our sides were chips, mashed potatoes and roasted sweet potatoes. Its too much but we love all of them.

Did I mention that they offer a Halal Menu? and a Halal seating area? yupp that’s hard to find in Europe. Gives it an extra star for those who dine in Halal restaurants when on vacation.

Unit 1026, Westfield London
Ariel Way
London W12 7GA
020 8749 5914
Opening hours: 11 pm – 12 am.


 I do have lists of cafes and restaurants that I love visiting but the short stay wasn’t enough to cover everything. Maybe next time!


Mega Bulb By Sofie Refer

Mega Bulb is a classic glass pendant light, a piece created by designer Sofie Refer. Using the shape of the first electric lamps, the lamp bulb is handcrafted and imperfections in the glass create unique objects. Minimalist, functional with Scandinavian classicism, the Mega Bulb is a timeless piece of design, being a perfect companion for the kitchen chef or lighting large rooms and spaces. It has won numerous awards like the “GOOD DESIGN award” and “Wallpaper Design Award”.

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Piermario Morosini's Tragic Story #RIPMorosini

Atalanta youth team chief Mino Favini reveals the tragedies that blighted Piermario Morosini’s brief life. “He was golden.”

The 25-year-old collapsed during today’s Pescara-Livorno Serie B match and was owned by Udinese, but grew up in the prestigious Atalanta youth academy.

“He was golden, always trying to help his family. That was Piermario Morosini,” explained Favini.

“He grew up at Atalanta with me and I saw him playing as a very young boy. He was a fantastic lad who always rushed to help everyone. He lived for his family.

“Yet he was such an unlucky man. He lost both parents young, his brother and sister have physical handicaps. His little brother recently killed himself by jumping out of a window. He had the most unfortunate life.

“Udinese signed him from us and he was very talented. He had a strong career, was respected by all his teammates. Everywhere he went, people spoke highly of him. He had a heart of gold.”

Former Vicenza teammate Raffaele Schiavi, now a defender at Padova, posted a picture of Morosini’s smiling face on Twitter.

“Despite the many family problems he had, Moro always had a smile on his face and never let those issues come through. It’s how I want to remember him.”

Personally I have contacted Udinese Football Club, to provide me with the player’s handicapped sister contact, as I intend to provide her financial needs and If i couldn’t afford all of her monthly needs I will raise a fund for that.
Will keep those who are interested updated.
May Your Soul Rest in Peace Piermario 

Quote of The Day

When two people know that and they decide with eyes open to face each other and get married anyway then, I don’t think it’s conservative or delusional. I think it’s radical and courageous and very romantic.

Have A wonderful Morning 🙂