A Cause That We Should All Support

Kuwait Oasis is an environmental voluntarily project which calls on people who go camping during the winter time to plant 10 trees of certain type and irrigate it during the winter season. By the end of the season this tree will be able to survive and year after year our deserts will be our kid’s oasis. My older brother started this cause back in december 2010,

It was a small idea back then and maybe a wild dream, today the became true ! and turned into a national cause which is supported by many individuals and companies. The first oasis was created in Nuwaiseeb city currently the oasis contain 600+ trees, in the near future it will have 3000+ trees ! Imagine how it will look in 5 years !

I’m so proud of my brother !

If any of you wanted to participate or support this cause please check their facebook page or follow them on Twitter .

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