Man's Best Friend ..

A dog is man’s best friend, specially when you live at one of the most remote corners of the world. The pictures show guard dogs in Bely Island located near the Yamal Peninsula in Siberia. They are risking their lives chasing a hungry polar bear away from Siberian weather station just to.

Never Over Sleep: Meet The Running Alarm Clock !

Nanda Home, are the creators of Clocky and Tocky, the alarm clocks that run away from you so you never over sleep.
What an amazing idea this is !!
Further Product description from their website:
“Special Edition alarm clocks run away to get you out of bed, and helps save lives! When it’s time to wake up, this alarm clock will leap off your nightstand and run away beeping to ensure you’re awake. For every sale of Clocky , Nanda Home will contribute 5% to The Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS.”
If you ever wanted to order this click here

Be Different Get Noticed ! Get Your Plastic Business Cards Now !!

I have recieved the folowing email from the owner:

“Maximos Cards is your source for superior plastic cards printing.they print on plastic cards. We design and print for companies as well as to self employed entrepreneurs looking for an edge. and print plastic business cards and other types of plastic cards for some of the most recognizable and prestigious names around.

Maximos Cards made its mark with full color plastic business cards, loyalty cards, ID’s ..etc These marketing tools represent the front line image of your business, after all, they are very often used to make first contact with your future customers.

Notice this…  as soon as you exchange cards with a prospect, he/she will be looking at it – judging it – and since most of us will judge things by what we see (consciously or unconsciously), it is imperative that your primary marketing tools portray professionalism and high quality”

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Awesome Idea and great prices as well. If you want to place an order or inquire about the service : contacts them on

or follow them on twitter: @maximoscards .

Goodluck for the young owner !!!