San Zhi, Taiwan The Mysterious Resort

I have such an affection  for abandoned places/cities as I mentioned before. But this time I came up with a bit more of a modern choice . Its the abandoned City in the North of Taiwan. In the area of ‘San Zhi’, this futuristic pod village was initially built as a luxury vacation retreat for the rich. However, after numerous fatal accidents during construction, production was halted. A combination of lack of money and lack of willingness meant that work was stopped permanently, and the alien like structures remain as if in remembrance of those lost. Indeed, rumors in the surrounding area suggest that the City is now haunted by the ghosts of those who died.

After this the whole thing received the cover-up treatment. And the Government, who commissioned the site in the first place was keen to distance itself from the bizarre happenings. Thanks to this, there are no named architects. The project may never be restarted thanks to the growing legend, and there would be no value in re-developing the area for other purpose. Maybe simply because destroying homes of lonely spirits is a bad thing to do in Taiwanese culture.

Dear Evolutionist 2 سبحان ربي رب العزه عما يصفون

Can Chance be the creative of this cells ?

This post is a series derived from a previous article that I’ve wrote back in October. I started writing about this because I’ve found out that there are so many lost souls ! they’ve lost their belief based on false information. In this post I will discuss how false is atheism or evolution relying on logical thinking unlike the previous post which was based on scientific evidences.

There are five questions that should be answered by every intelligent atheist. Atheists consider themselves more intelligent than religious people and that’s why they don’t believe in God. As their beliefs are based on science. Atheist people consider themselves independent thinkers and free from religion or what do they call it (source of all evil). They also claim that they study and read a lot more than any average religious person. Even as an intelligent person you have to confess that there are problems in the atheistic belief system. Here are five questions that no atheist can answer even if that person was Richard Dawkins and the answer must make sense in an intuitive way not colliding with reality as we see it. These are the top 5 reasons that I could never belief in atheism:

1-Which statement is easier to believe God of gaps or Chance of gaps ?

Atheist claims that those who believe in God use the term “God” to fill in what they don’t know, and Richard Dawkins himself come up with the term God of the gaps as a stop gap for ignorance ! Aren’t atheist using the term chance in the exact same way in which you accuse those who believe in God ? Think of that for Just a minute its not a stupid question ! this question leads me to the second question ..

2- Why should there be something .. instead of nothing !!?

They claim that the Universe Existed for no reason !

Atheists says that everything existed for no reason, but every intelligent person knows that this world came into existence at a certain time. why should it have a beginning ? Also the world seems to be fixed some how to make life possible, then there is the fact that the biological life it self bares the marks of intelligent design whether intelligent design is a fact or not that’s not my point, my point here is that it bares a mark of intelligent design. And lastly the world has something called moral order. why should it rather than not and that leads me to the third question ..

3- where do you “atheists” get your morals from ? chance ??

Atheists say that in order to survive animals develop through the process of natural selection, naturalistic forces mold certain behavior that we call moral behavior which simply functions to allow the organism to exist and continue to survive. actually not the organism but the species because in some cases it requires sacrificing individual organism so that larger species can survive.
This is all that morality ends up being ?? Morality entails a look forward to the future not just to the past. Not just looking backward to what we’ve done. Isnt it a look forward into the future about how we ought to behave ?
Morality is prescriptive not descriptive and if it is normative, talks about how we ought to behave..
Evolution does not engage this fundamental core element of morality then it has not explained it and morality still need to be explained .. Richard Dawkins said that its all part of the evolution, and this leads me to my fourth question..

4- how did morals evolve ?

Atheists suggest that there is something in us that is self-consciously aware of the process of evolution that understands what the goal of evolution- survival of our own species. And instructs us through our conscience to fulfill the optimal conditions for that survival. Isn’t this a remarkable statement to say ! consider two cave men , one killed the other and then by “chance” he found that this act going to eliminate human species !? while any other animals in the wild kill each other to survive ?!  How logical is that !? Morals should have a source it can never be developed through chance or natural selection.

5- Can nature generate complex organism ? in the sense of originating it when previously there was none ?

Intellegence leaves behind a characteristic trademark or signiture something specific and complex by nature it has to be contegent and not necessary complex and therefore not readily repeatable by chance. so what am saying is if I shoot an arrow on a wall then I drew a bulleye around it then i am imposing a pattern after the fact. Another example to make things clear and to the point, look at the woodblock print down there:

It came to be by mechanically pressing an inked woodblock on paper, the woodblock cut exhibist a specific complexity by nature but the mechanic application of inked paper via woodblock does not account for the woodcut complexity it must be reffered back to complexity of woodblock which intern must be reffered back to the designing activity of the artist him self. all around us that make sense except for the athiest its nature.

Nature is Blind .. everything else Designed intellegently not by time and chance ..

Hot Activity: Kuwait International Golf & Country Club

I visited Kuwait International Golf & Country Club located in Wafra city, I was really amazed and I couldn’t believe that there is a huge piece of green turf, artificial lakes and rivers in the middle of the desert. Due to the owner the place soft opened in February 2009. Although the course have only 9 ready holes right now, but there are 18 others are under preparation ! I just can’t stop thinking how big this course will be once completed !

I’m not a golf fan, but visiting this place is a must and participating a game there with a group can be really fun. You don’t have to be a member to play as you can pay per game.

The fees list:

  1. 2 KD : 35 ball long shoot golfing
  2. 3 KD : 70 ball long shoot golfing
  3. 4 KD 100 ball long shoot golfing
  4. you need to pay an extra 1 KD for the golf club (you get a whole bag with different club sizes)
  5. 10 KD : for one hour training
  6. 7 KD : for 30 minutes training

Their prices are so affordable I was really amazed to know that you can play golf for 2 k.d only !!

Here are some pictures of the facility:

Direction to get to KIGCC:

  1. Take road 40 towards Wafra (king Fahad Road)
  2. Take Exit 306 towards Wafra (wafra road)
  3. Take the second U-turn
  4. You will then notice a green field behind a green fence which is your destination.

for any assistance you can call : 2239 5195

Visiting such a place can be the perfect thing to do in the weekend just to alter your routine. So that I highly recommend This Activity specially in such a nice weather.

Top Ten iPhone Apps 2010

It’s that time of year were Companies and websites will all unveil their most popular, most hated, worst, best, and (miscellaneous descriptive word) top ten lists of 2010. Apple just released their iTunes Rewind list, which sums up the most popular apps of 2010.

Here are the top 10 paid iPhone apps of 2010.


10. Pocket God


9. Plants Vs. Zombies


8. The Moron Test


7. All-In-One GAMEBOX


6. Cut the Rope


5. Fruit Ninja


4. Bejeweled 2 + Blitz


3. Skee Ball


2. Doodle Jump – BE WARNED: Insanely Addictive!


1. Angry Birds

Doctors’ sloppy handwriting kills more than 7,000 people annually

It’s a shocking statistic, and, according to a July 2006 report from the National Academies of Science’s Institute of Medicine (IOM), preventable medication mistakes also injure more than 1.5 million Americans annually. Many such errors result from unclear abbreviations and dosage indications and illegible writing on some of the 3.2 billion prescriptions written in the U.S. every year.


Source: Time’s magazine !

كفرت بالديمقراطية

فوضوية الطرح


أتجنب الحديث عن السياسة في الكويت دائما لأني مؤمن بأن فهمنا كشعب للديمقراطية مشوه وضحل، ولكن الأحداث في الفترة الأخيرة تجبرني لأن أبدي وجهة نظري وأعلم تماما إني سأشتم كما شتم من قبلي كل من أبدى رأيه باحترام .وجهة نظري بأن ما يحدث من فوضى سياسية وفكرية ما هو إلا نتيجة للفهم الخاطئ للممارسة الديمقراطية في البلد. لاحظنا أنه ومنذ مجلس 1996 بدأت تدخل لغة حوار جديدة بين الأعضاء في مجلس الأمة والوزراء

لغة مبنية على قلة الأدب و الشتم والاتهام الزور، لماذا؟ لمجرد الاختلاف بالرأي  إن كان هذا يحدث من ممثلين الأمة وتحت قبة البرلمان فماذا نتوقع من الشباب الذين يمارسون الانتخابات النقابية في الجامعة ؟  وفعلا بدأت النتائج تنعكس على الطلبة في الجامعة فها نحن اليوم نشهد في كل عام جامعي نقابي عراك بالأيدي والأسلحة البيضاء بين ممثلين القوائم لمجرد اختلاف بالرأي.  ساهم النواب الكرام مساهمة كبيرة في إدخال ثقافة الغاب على المجتمع وهانحن نجني الثمار التالفة اليوم بأن يشتم كل من يخالف رأي الأخر و يتهم بأبشع التهم كالتبعية و الرشوة والانبطاحية وكلمات عديدة يعجز اللسان عن ذكرها لفظاعة معناها

التناقضات في المواقف والفكر تثبت لنا أن نوابنا الأفاضل أو الكثير منهم ينفذون أجندات خاصة أو مفروضة عليهم فآخر الأحداث أكبرها دلالة على ذلك. فهاهو تكتل إلا الدستور و لغرض في نفس يعقوب يؤمن بجزء من الدستور و يخالف أوامر سمو الأمير ويتحداها بسبب ادعاءه بأنه يدافع عن الدستور. وفي نفس الوقت نجده يسكت سكوت فيه استصغار لعقول الناس عن مخالفة صريحة للدستور من قبل بعض نواب هذا التكتل، وهو أنهم خاضوا الانتخابات الفرعية التي جرمها القانون !  فلماذا لم يقف هؤلاء نفس الموقف من هذه المخالفة الصريحة للدستور؟؟؟ إذا كان الدستور أجزاء فنستميت للدفاع عن جزء و نغمض أعيننا عن بقية الأجزاء فهذه فظيعة. وان كنتم يا نوابنا الأفاضل تستغفلون الشارع فهذه أفظع

مجلس الأمة من بعد الغزو لم يقدم شي يذكر، غير انهم ألهوا الشارع بقضايا تافه مثل منع المنقبات من القيادة في 92 الى قضية منع الاختلاط في 96 إلى قضية منع ملابس السباحة وقضايا الرياضة اليوم. ومستشفياتنا؟؟ من سيء الى أسوأ لولا رحمة بعض المتبرعين ونحن دولة من أغنى دول العالم لا  نحتاج لتبرع المحسنين كدولة !، وتعليمنا حدث ولا حرج ! أساتذته يصفون من يخالفهم الرأي بالكلاب و غير المحترمين !! اقتصادنا منهار ! و النواب عموما وين ؟ ونواب المعارضة تحديدا وين ؟ تمنيت لو أنهم تجمعوا وتظاهروا للنهضة بالقطاع التعليمي أو الصحي و لكن الواقع للأسف انكشف. والاستنتاج محزن إذ نحن من أوصل هؤلاء النواب للمجلس وأعطيناهم حق التحكم بمصيرنا .. فجنينا على أنفسنا .. أخيرا أريد أن أوضح نقطة مهمة بشأن لومي للنواب كي لا أتهم بأني حكومي. النواب هم من يشرع و يراقب أداء الحكومة والحكومة سواء كانت  قوية أو ضعيفة فالنواب هم من يشرعون لها القوانين وهم من يقترحون الاقتراحات المزرية التي شهدناها جميعا من 1992 إلي اليوم وهم من يراقب تطبيق هذه التشريعات


لهذا و بسبب كل ما سبق.  أعلن أنا اليوم ومن منطلق إيماني بمبادئ الديمقراطية السليمة  بأني كفرت بديمقراطيتنا المشوهة.التي تحض على الكراهية والبغضاء والشتم لمجرد الاختلاف هذا للعلم بأني كنت شخصيا انتمي لقائمة وطنية ذات نهج حر عندما كنت طالبا في الجامعة ولم أشهد طوال فترة تواجدي بالجامعة 1997-2002 ما تشهده الساحة السياسية اليوم من قلة أدب و قلة احترام للعقول. لا خير في ديمقراطية تنفرني من أخوتي و بني جلدتي لا خير في ديمقراطية تحرضني على العصيان وانتهاك أوامر أولي الأمر لا خير في ديمقراطية تدمر أخلاقي وقيمي ومبادئي .. ودستورنا له الله أما من انتهكوه فلا يحق لهم التفوه بكلمة دفاعا عنه ..في الختام لايسعني الا أن أستشهد بقول الباحث في علم قيام الحضارات الاستاذ ويل دورانت ..الحضارة تبدأ بالنظام وتنمو بالحرية ثم تموت بالفوضى

Getting Lost is Not so Trendy

Maptor is this wonderful combination of a map and projector that (predictably) projects the desired map onto any surface. Palm of the hand, floor, and walls included. What I really fancy about it, is its size. Small enough to pass off as a chapstick or ( a lipstick for you ladies), the device is discreet enough for you to quickly hop into a quiet corner, check for directions and make your way forth. All this without anyone knowing that you are lost or in need for help !

Another good thing about the Maptor is that it has GPS included; as a result there is this big red arrow on the map that points to your current location. Therefore getting your bearings and charting your course is easy.

Maptor is just one application of the sixth sense device which I’ve posted about earlier. I cant wait for such a wonderful device to be available in the markets !

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