Scientists Turned Back The Clock in a Mice

Scientists have turned back the clock in mice they engineered to age faster than normal, an advance they suggest is the first time aging in mice has been reversed.

Researchers at Harvard-affiliated medical centers genetically manipulated mice to age faster, and then used gene therapy to lengthen telomeres — compounds found at the ends of strands of DNA — which reversed age-related problems such as decreased brain function and infertility.

“We at best expected it to be a slowing of the process or perhaps an arresting of the process. We did not anticipate that it would be so dramatic a reversal in all of the problems that the animal was experiencing,” said Dr. Ronald DiPinho, professor of medicine and genetics at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School, and co-author of the paper published Sunday in the journal Nature. “We were so struck by the findings that we rushed to get the study published.”

A human cell holds 23 pairs of chromosomes, each containing protective caps at each end called telomeres. Enzymes called telomerases protect the telomeres and reduce DNA damage thought to contribute to tissue aging. But as we age, our cells produce less telomerase; telomeres are cut shorter and eventually fail to protect DNA from damage.

Researchers boosted telomerase in the mice cells — which hold 20 pairs of chromosomes — to prevent telomeres from getting shorter. They found restoring the enzyme not only stopped aging but revived failing organs and even restored dark fur to mice who had turned grey. DePinho said the mice that were equivalent to ages 80 to 90 in human years returned to the equivalent of middle age.

“This [research] indicates there’s a point of return for these tissues,” said DePinho. “The fact that you can bring a tissue to the brink and then bring it back this dramatically is remarkable.”

Source: ABC News

Imagine: 4,000 Abandoned Oil Rigs as … Luxury Hotels?

I have such an affection for abandoned places specially cities or stations that was full of life sometime and this is the reason I post/blog about this matter from time to time .. Don’t be bothered I will try my best to balance the posts 🙂

Now this is new topic when it comes to abandoned places and its extremely fascinating at least for me !!

Morris Architects developed an idea of turning an abandoned oil rig into a residential resort is, itself, a brilliant and offbeat one. The notion of doing this with 4,000 soon-to-be-deserted ones? Potentially revolutionary. Combined, this would yield a whopping 80,000,000 available square feet spread around the sunny Gulf of Mexico only !

The wonderful idea comes complete with a fantasy of carrying people out to their sea-borne condos, homes and hotels via container ships, using the universal cargo container unit as a central building block to the designs – and providing a luxurious mode of transport in the process.

How realistic? Well, BLDGBLOG speculates on the potential future of these structures as partially-completed-then-abandoned derelict heaps slowly taken over by squatters and sea pirates, painting dark imagery of what might happen in their latter years. All in all, these pictures present fascinating possibilities for the future of sea-based abandonments.

Incredible 3D Wall Art by John Pugh

Artist John Pugh specializes in ‘trompe l’oeil’, which means ‘trick of the eye’ art. John however, adds another dimension to his work… a third dimension (ba-doom ching)! Internationally-known, Pugh’s work can be seen from New Zealand to Hawaii. And why is the California-based artist so popular?

“It seems almost universal that people take delight in being visually ticked” – John says.


The following is a short Video showing how john is doing his work ..

Video Link

Michelangelo Quotes and Your Dominant Thoughts

Your dominant thoughts are like the tracks of a train, they say “exactly” where you go.  The good news is: you’re the one who lays the tracks…Because I have already laid the tracks of where I’m going in the future, I can see it quite clearly.

Even though I haven’t arrived into the future yet, I’m on the mountain top, and I can clearly see the path ahead.  I can see the track that has been laid; after all, I’m the one who laid it.

Can you see your future?  What do you see?  What are your dominant thoughts about the next few months?  Have you laid the “proper” tracks?  Have you painted a picture, one that you want to live into?

Michelangelo said, “A man paints with his brains and not with his hands.” In your imagination you must see what the final picture will be; if you can’t see it in your brain, your hands will never be able to carry-out the assignment.

Not only was Michelangelo a painter but he was also a sculptor, he once said, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”  Your future is like that block of stone, your future has greatness inside it, but you have to carve the greatness out.

You have to first carve out the greatness in your mind, so that your hand can carve the greatness in reality.

Michelangelo said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”  You have to see your future “in the marble,” and you have to carve until you set it free!

Carve until you set free your success, carve until you set free your dream home, carve until you set free your dream body, carve until you set free your dream family, carve until you set free your happiness, carve, and carve, and carve until you set it free!

Only you can set it free, only you can change your world, only you can change your life.  You have to lay the track in your mind, paint the picture in your imagination, and then let your hands take you to your intended destination.

When you can see it in your mind, it’s only a matter of time before it shows up in reality.  What you can see, you can surely have.  Can you see it?

The First Cell Phone

“The first cell phone cost $3,995. It truly was a “brick” too, weighing in at 2 pounds! Also it only worked for a half hour, and then you had to recharge it again. Still, just like when the iPhone came out, lined up for the chance to get their hands on the first cell phone in 1984.

Rudy Krolopp and Martin Cooper began working on the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X in 1972. No one thought it was possible to make a portable phone, but their team was able to come up with a prototype in 6 weeks! It was another 10 years and $100 million dollars before it was finally unveiled in 1983, because they had to wait for the cell phone towers to be constructed.”

Source: OMG Facts

My Trip Highlights: Las Vegas Review !

This post is part of many reviews I’ve wrote earlier about my summer trip to The States. you can access the previous posts related to the same trip by clicking the following links: New York & Miami.

The notorious Sin City is synonymous with overindulgence and hedonism, making it the ultimate weekend getaway in the united states. Las Vegas is the fastest growing area in the United States; 38 million visitors come to this entertainment and gambling playground each year, where they find the biggest and most lavish of everything: multi-billion dollar casinos, luxury shopping, phenomenal performance shows, and world-class restaurants. Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? See for yourself in the pictures below but always put in mind that these pictures doesn’t show much of the city as due to the city motto “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” I had to censor some pictures 🙂

Go there For :

The Gambling – Without a shadow of a doubt, the chance for visitors to try their luck against ‘the house’ is the main draw to the city.

The Shows – Whether your interests are big-scale musicals, Cirque du Soleil circus shows, or world famous headliners, Vegas has it all.

The Restaurants – With a variety of all-you-can-eat buffets, hip and fun restaurants, and 17 Michelin-starred restaurants, the city offers a huge variety of places to dine in any price range.

Don’t miss:


– Alex Restaurant Wynn Hotel

B & B Ristorante The Venetian

The Venetian Hotel



The Venetian Hotel

Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare Wynn

Dos Caminos The Palazzo

Joel Robuchon at The Mansion MGM Grand

LAVO The Palazzo


The Caesars Palace Forum Shops

Ceasar's Palace Forum Shops

– Fashion Walk Mall

– Chelsea Premium outlets


In every single spot you’ll find gambling machines !


– Ka show by Cirque du Soleil

– The Beatles Show by Cirque du Soleil

– The O show by Cirque du Soleil

– The Lion King show


– The Bank at Bellagio Hotel

– Jet at The Mirage Hotel

-Moon at The palms

– Surrender at Encore Hotel

When To go:

Las Vegas is located in the center of a desert valley surrounded by mountain ranges. The weather is typical of a desert climate it was extremely hot in July. The best time of the year for visiting Vegas would be between December and April.

Where To Stay:

It was such a difficult choice since all the major casinos on the Strip are fabulous mega resorts, with thousands of rooms, award-winning restaurants, amazing spas and pools, and popular clubs. But I’ve decided to go with The Caesars Palace Hotel since their offer was unbeatable ! everything in the hotel was outstanding except the rooms which was ordinary classic hotel rooms but most of Vegas hotels are the same when it comes to this as it wont be easy to decorate and furnish thousands of rooms in a modern way.

Ceasar's Palace bussy lobby
Ceasar's Palace Pools Area


Ceasar's Palace Pools Area


Ceasar's Palace Forum Shops


Ceasar's Palace Hotel Room


Hotel Room Mini Bar
The View From Ceasar's Palace Hotel Entrance

World's Craziest Weddings

Star Wars Wedding:

Do you take this Mon Calamari to be your husband? There are Star Wars fan wedding, then there are hardcore Star Wars fan wedding ! This one was documented by photographer Justin Winokur, undoubtedly one of the best Star Wars wedding ever.


First Wedding Officiated by a Robot

On June 2007, a robot dubbed “Tiro” stood in as the Master of Ceremonies (MC) at a wedding in South Korea. The robot was reported to speak in a “sweet female voice” as to not creep people out more than necessary, and it wasn’t the only robot involved in the ceremony. Others lead guests to their seats and “performed,” whatever that means. The use of a robot as the master of ceremonies at a wedding happened for the very first time in history; interestingly, the Tiro costs a whopping 200 million won (US $215,000).

Medieval Wedding

There hasn’t been a wedding like that for quite some time. About seven centuries, in fact. The bride arrived riding side saddle on a white mare in a dress made from 270 feet of silk. And waiting for her was her knight in shining armour – £10,000 of hand-forged steel trimmed with brass and velvet.

The scene was the wedding of Sian Jenkins and Rupert Hammerton – Fraser, who are so fascinated by the Middle Ages that they recreated a medieval ceremony. The £30,000 event at Lulworth Castle in Dorset ended with a banquet where guests many in home-made costumes were served medieval delicacies. The following day there was jousting, sword-fighting and even a full-scale battle re-enactment.


World War II-Themed Wedding

Jo Rowell and Tony Cox of Hartlepool, England were married in 2007 in style -1940s style. A blackout marked the beginning of the ceremony and the silence was broken by the sounds of Neville Chamberlain announcing war on Germany. The ceremony also included the sounds of sirens and Lancaster bombers flying overhead. Spotlights lit up a trench scene in Normandy complete with a silhouette of an American soldier going over the top of glider planes above. Jo then made an entrance to the sound of Glenn Miller’s Moonlight Serenade and the touching ceremony went off without a hitch.