YouTube Viral Videos That Turned Ordinary People Into Richie Rich

It seems like the video site’s been with us all our lives. But in reality, YouTube is so young that it’s less than a third of the age of Justin Bieber.

Since YouTube launched, we’ve all frequented the site to be entertained by amateur videographers. Many of these videos soon developed into viral phenomenons, and whether produced by amateurs or professionals, we still come away with a smile on our faces. And Made some uploaders “RICHIE RICH”.

Hanging out with your friends can easily turn into a YouTube party where everyone tries to one-up each other with a video funnier or more awe-inspiring than the previous.

These are the videos that we’ve all seen and love or hate if you have a fear or dislike.

Here are some viral videos that made ordinary people turned into online celebrity:

1. David After Dentist

Young 7-year old David DeVore just came out of dental surgery and was sitting in the backseat of his father’s car. “Is… is this real life?” David asks his father. This video made DeVores family $150,000.

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2. Numa Numa Guy

According to the BBC article dated November 27, 2006 the original Numa Numa video has been seen over 700,000,000 times worldwide – making it the second most viewed viral video in the world.

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3. The Fully Sick Rapper

Christiaan Van Vuuren is a rising YouTube star despite his condition that limits his physical reach to within a quarantined hospital room. After being diagnosed with tuberculosis, Christiaan was forced to go under quarantine as required by Australia’s public health system.

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4. The Back Dorm Boys

The duo of Huang Yixin and Wei Wei lip-synced their way towards success – starting with the Backstreet Boys’ hit “I Want It That Way.”

Since then, the former students have signed a contract with Beijing-based media company Taihe Rye to continue their lip-syncing videos and to appear in Pepsi commercials. The Back Dorm Boys are also spokespeople for Motorola and Sina in China.

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5. Kimbo Slice – MMA Fighter

Kimbo Slice rose to viral fame with his infamous street fight videos circulated through YouTube. He emerges victorious in all but one video, and his beatdowns attracted the attention of MMA organization EliteXC. He earned between $250,000 – $500,000 for each of his four fights with the company. Most recently, Slice competed in The Ultimate Fighter and fought in two official UFC bouts. After a loss to Matt Mitrione, Kimbo was released by the company.

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Hugs, Cheers and Tears ..

The First Rescued Miner Hugging the Chilean Presedent

To hugs, cheers and tears, rescuers using a missile-like escape capsule began pulling 33 men one by one to fresh air and freedom at last early Wednesday, 69 days after they were trapped in a collapsed mine almost a half-mile underground.

Rescued first was Florencio Avalos, who wore a helmet and sunglasses to protect him from the glare of bright lights. He smiled broadly as he emerged and hugged his sobbing 7-year-old son, Bairon, and wife, then got a bearhug from Chilean President Sebastian Pinera shortly after midnight local time.

A second miner, Mario Sepulveda Espina, was pulled to the surface about an hour later — his shouts heard even before the capsule surfaced. After hugging his wife, Elvira, he jubilantly handed souvenir rocks from his underground prison to laughing rescuers.

Source Associated Press.

The Biggest Tree House

Have you ever fantasized about having a tree house? Well, even if you did, this was surely not what you had in mind. Look at the pictures below to see the biggest tree house in the world. It defies even the most creative imagination.The house, as it stands today, is 10 floors high. It needs the full support of the 6 trees that grow around it. The house has been standing for 14 years now and the construction on it is still going on. While the house was designed by the owner, the design was perhaps improvised along the way and now, nobody, not even the owner is aware of its exact size.There are many amazing features to this tree house. There are very high ceilings in some rooms. There are balconies on many floors. There is even a basketball hoop and some cool wooden furniture. The gigantic Tree House is located in Beehive Lane, Crossville, Tennessee.

Medical Mirror Senses Heart Rate, Vital Signs

This two way medical mirror from MIT uses infrared LEDs to monitor your heart rate.  As it turns out, your skin reflects light differently based upon how much blood is flowing through it.  Although it seems like it would be difficult to monitor a person’s heart rate using this method, the device is accurate within 3 beats per minute of standard medical equipment.

Video On Youtube Link

The Lens Mug !

This mug is so creative and beautiful , am not sure about its grip though as the pictures shows that its bulky, Thanks to my sister I will have the chance to try it soon!

If You are interested in this mug you can order it by clicking HERE

My Trip Highlights: Miami Review !

This Trip was back in July but since it was a multiple cities trip then I decided to review it in separate posts.

Rightfully named the Magic City, Miami brings a certain enchantment to every aspect of life. The extensive mix of international culture generates a vibe unlike any other city on the planet. Whether you enjoy fine dining, wild partying, cultural exploration, or relaxing on the beach, Miami has something for everyone.  There is a plethora of restaurants which range from open air cafes to the chicest of urban eateries. From South Beach to Coral Gables to little Havana, you can find something to satisfy even the pickiest taste buds.

Beach Walk "Ocean"

Important notes:

  • Currency:U.S Dollars
  • Visa: Apply at least two months before your planned trip.

Go there For :

The Beaches & Bay – Miami boasts long white sandy beaches and the water is warm year round. South Beach is the most popular destination for travelers worldwide and you will see tanned and fit Florida residents as well as foreigners from a vast number of countries. Head north to Bal Harbour and Sunny Isles for some family friendly beaches.

Feeling adventurous? With a sunny climate all year round Miami Beach is the perfect place to indulge in water sports. Take paddle boarding lessons on the bay and see some of Miami’s mansions up close from your board. The bay is full of activity on weekends, and with its glassy waters it’s a perfect spot to learn how to wakeboard or better yet rent a yacht, anchor up at the sandbar- there will be hundreds of other like minded boats at the weekends- and wade in shallow water (as low as 3 feet in some areas).

Shopping – Internationally recognized as a luxury retail capital, Bal Harbour Shops features the world’s most coveted designer goods. This open air shopping center is the perfect place for a stroll and wandering around the boutiques. For the perfect place to ‘see and be seen’ take a walk down Lincoln Road. One of the nation’s first pedestrian malls, Lincoln Road runs along the length of South Beach. Find everything from vintage wares and antiques to designer jewelry and sunglasses.

Nightlife – Miami Vice may have popularized the iconic Art Deco strip that is Ocean Drive, but beyond the neon lights there lies a playground for the international glitterati. Miami offers everything from world famous mega clubs with state of the art lighting and design to ultra-private underground lounges. Want to explore more? Head to over to the mainland and explore the Design District for cocktails and a jazz bar in Wynwood.

Art & Culture – Home to the world famous New World Symphony, Miami Beach has become a thriving center for the arts. Downtown visitors can enjoy theater, opera and the Miami Symphony Orchestra at the Adrienne Arscht center. Explore the art scene, museums and the galleries of the Design District and venture into Wynwood for some gallery hopping.

Don’t miss:

Delano, Shore Club and Mondarain hotels lounges.

– Bal Harbour shops.

– Coco Walk Area.

– Swimming with the dolphins “Miami Aquarium”.

– Sushi Samba Restaurant “at Lincoln road”.

Sushi Samba Lincoln Road

– Fratelli Lyon Italian Restaurant “2nd avenue”.

-Lorio’s On The Beach “ocean Drive”.

-Parrot Jungle.

The Parrots Jungle

-Beach Walk.

Beach Walk

When to go:

I was there in July and the weather was so unpredictable with random thunderstorms through out the day. The best season in Miami is said to be between November and February.

Where to stay :

I’ve stayed in The Shore Club by Morgans and as I mentioned before Morgans chain is the perfect pick ! Morgans own two other hotels in Miami (Delano and Mondarain).

The Shore Club had excellent facilities and it location was a walk away from most of the attractions. Their service was amazing and the staff are friendly.

Shore Club Room

In Room Beach Essentials "Mini Bar"

The Hotel Lobby

The View From The Room's Balcony

The Lounge Area

The Pool's Area

The Bathroom

You Get What You Give ..

Today I want to talk about a concept that might help you understand life.  It’s a concept based on the realization that life is a lot like “planting corn seeds.”  If you can understand this concept, then you can certainly understand life. I learned this concept from religious sources and now am trying to reflect it on our own lives through a logical little examples.

You see, there are four things that happen when you plant corn seeds “in regular circumstances”:

Number 1: You get corn (not potatoes)
Number 2: You get the corn later than you planted it
Number 3: You get more corn than you planted
Number 4: You get the corn in proportion to how much corn you planted.

So let’s see how this relates to life…

Number 1: You get corn

This is to say that the results that you’re getting in your life are the results that you’ve planted seeds for.  This is why you should never complain about your life.  You’re the one who created it.  You, and you alone, are the creator of your life. Just to clarify stuff for everyone Life here is meant to be the way you dealt with your destiny which was created by God.

Wouldn’t it be something if you saw an artist complaining about his latest painting; blaming others for how it came out, blaming his mother, “If only she had been more talented, then I would be a better artist.”

At some point you have to grow-up and take responsibility for your life !

You are the creator of your results, you are reaping the sweet or bitter fruits from the seeds that you’ve planted.

If you don’t like corn, quit planting corn seeds !

Number 2: You get the corn later than you planted it

In other words, it takes time to see results. I don’t mind saying the following thousand times, there are no overnight successes, so quit looking for something in exchange for nothing.

You’re not going to plant corn seeds today, and enjoy corn-on-the-cob tomorrow.  You work now, you get the results later.  You must sow, before you can reap.

But rest assured, whatever you plant, will produce a harvest.  It will take time, it won’t happen tomorrow, but it will happen.

Number 3: You get more corn than you planted

What’s the lesson?  Be careful what you plant, because you will receive more than you planted.  This is a reminder that you shouldn’t go around planting “bad” seeds, because you’re going to reap more bad than you bargained for.

Sow good seeds, treat your neighbor as you would have them treat you, and you will surely bring in a wonderful harvest, a harvest fit for a king.

Number 4: You get the corn in proportion to how much corn you planted

Planting two corn seeds will not yield the same results as planting 10,000 corn seeds.  A little work equals little results; a lot of work equals lots of results.

How many seeds are you planting, are you planting enough seeds to receive the harvest that you desire?

Remember you will only receive a harvest in proportion to what you’ve sown for.  So sow “big,” sow plenty, sow well, and your harvest will surely satisfy your soul with sweet fruit.

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The Save Beach Project

Garbage hotel  or The Save Beach Project is a very innovative project to save the endangered beaches of Europe. The threat of endangerment comes from the trash that the tourists leave on the beaches as a memento of their visit.
The Save Beach project is a temporary tourist attraction, currently in Rome, and expected to travel to multiple destinations across Europe. It is a hotel that is completely made up of the debris that is left behind on the beaches by tourists. Take a close look at the photos below and you will see a number of fantastic items left behind including fans, umbrellas, skateboards, unwanted clothes and of course, plastic bags. Not only does the Save Beach Hotel provide habitable accommodation, it sure raises awareness about beach cleanliness.

Can people here learn and apply  ??