Viva Telecom To Launch iPhone In October !

Yes it could be as soon as October for Viva to announce their deal with Apple and launch the iPhones as an official service provider.

It was first rumors until an insider source confirmed that deal !

The iPhones will finally be sold for 100+- K.D, But locked and with a contract of course.

The source didn’t gave me any details about subscriptions and packages but that was a cool piece of news Finally our telecommunication companies are trying to catchup with their peers abroad !

4 thoughts on “Viva Telecom To Launch iPhone In October !

    1. Of course I know and wataniya is Qatari and zain is soon to be Emarati , but they serve us and they are in kuwait and had more than 40% shares own by kuwaiti shareholders thats what i meant by ours 🙂

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