Viva Telecom To Launch iPhone In October !

Yes it could be as soon as October for Viva to announce their deal with Apple and launch the iPhones as an official service provider.

It was first rumors until an insider source confirmed that deal !

The iPhones will finally be sold for 100+- K.D, But locked and with a contract of course.

The source didn’t gave me any details about subscriptions and packages but that was a cool piece of news Finally our telecommunication companies are trying to catchup with their peers abroad !

BlackBerry Tablet Announced; Please Meet The PlayBook !

RIM entered into the tablet market yesterday with its new PlayBook tablet device. The tablet will feature a 7-inch 1024 x 600 capacitive touch screen, 1GHz dual-core processor, HDMI output, along with front and rear cameras. It will not run on RIM’s BlackBerry OS 6 operation system, but a new OS from QNX. The PlayBook will come with enterprise compatibility, true multitasking, face-to-face video conferencing and Flash compatibility.

I am a blackberry user and I thin that blackberry applications and features sucks except the push email (thanks to RIM servers) and the blackberry messenger (BBM). comparing the available applications of blackberry to the existing ones of apple iPhone, The apple apps are by far better and more user friendly that Blackberry’s. So getting into this market will be tough for RIM as we (blackberry users) doesn’t want to own a larger edition of our existing devices ! the apps of the playbook needs to be so different than the current apps to compete with apple’s and Droid’s ..

Odessa Catacombs

In Odessa, when someones waterline suddenly breaks, or a house settles oddly, or a family pet goes missing, it is not uncommon for Ukrainians to curse about “those damn catacombs.”

They are not being delusional, for underneath their houses run some 2,500 kilometers of catacombs, carved into the limestone that the city is built upon. (To get a sense of how much tunnel system that really is, it is only 2138 kilometers from Odessa to Paris.)

The date of the earliest catacombs in Odessa is difficult to determine (as they were all widened at a later date) but likely date back to the 1600s if not farther. However, the catacombs began to truly grow into their astonishing, labyrinthian form in the early 1800s when the limestone quarried from them was used to build much of the city.

Odessa’s catacombs quickly became the preferred hideout of rebels, criminals, and eccentrics. During WWII though the Soviets had been forced out of the city they left behind dozens of soviet organized Ukrainian rebel groups hidden below the city in the expansive catacombs.

Hiding in the catacombs for as much as 13 months, literally below the noses and feet of the Nazi’s above. Waiting for a chance to strike or relay information the man (and women, the rebel groups usually contained a least a few women) would play chess, checkers, cook, and listen to Soviet Radio, generally trying to make a normal life below the surface of the city. They tried to ignore the malnutrition and malaria which afflicted many of them. Many of the partisan groups lived in the catacombs for the entirety of the rest of the war and on occasion the partisan groups even managed to blow up German facilities.

The Fascist Germans and Romanians meanwhile choose random catacomb exits and sealed them, hoping to trap the men below the city forever, and occasionally tossed poison gas canisters into the catacombs hoping to smoke the soviet rebels out.

Once the war was over the catacombs became home to numerous smuggling and criminal groups, who widened and created new tunnel systems of their own. In 1961, the “Search” (Poisk) club was created, headed by Constantine Pronin of the Paleontological Museum of OSU, and became the first official catacomb exploration unit, meant to explore the catacombs and help document the history of partisan movement.

Illegal Drugs found in the Catacombs !

Today there is an entire Ukrainian subculture of catacomb explorers with dozens of semiprofessional groups, often quite competitive, exploring the catacombs. They go on multi-day underground treks, known as expeditions, to document and map the system. Should one get lost in the catacombs, (as happens every couple of years) these groups put asides their differences and mount large search expeditions. They have rescued a number of children who have wandered into the catacombs.

Body of teenage girl Masha, who died after gettinglost in the tunnels

Feeling Exotic?

Remember when you really wanted to buy a pet tiger but the local pet store just didn’t have any in stock. Well now you can just order them online at

The full Tiger Pack costs $13,400 and includes:

a 5 months old female tiger.
• The original HELLO TIGER guide.
• An IVORY collar (ext. value: $1200).
• Three tiger toys (ext. value: $160).

“After The Hangover, who doesn’t want a Tiger?”

Facebook Phone Rumors

Earlier last week, a leaked news erupted coming from Techcrunch that Facebook is planning to have a new ‘phone’. Certainly, you’re very surprised – And you can count us in. Thinking that, it would be exciting yet very unwise to follow the steps of Google when it released the Nexus Phone. While some are still wondering if this was a super-late April fools day post from Techcrunch, it appears that their co-founder Michael Arrington is quite sure and confident with this post. With a caveat that it may just be an amazing Facebook application to integrate with mobile phones.

So what’s the real score? It was not true stated by Facebook. Here’s an excerpt coming from their spokesperson Jaime Schopflin.

“The story, which originated in Techcrunch, is not accurate.Facebook is not building a phone. Our approach has always been to make phones and apps more social.”

Lets wait and see !

Awesome Above-Ground Outdoor Pool

Designed by Andres Remy Architects, this modern above-ground outdoor pool in Devoto, Argentina is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen!

When planning the placement of the swimming pool, the architects carefully studied the path of the sun. The pool is elevated from the ground creating a glass wall that allows views from within and outside. Even people inside the house can see the action in the pool while lounging on the sofa.

This project does a phenomenal job combining the best of both worlds: the natural and urban landscape.

The Garbage City

Manshiet Nasser is a strange community in Cairo, Egypt. People call this place The City of Garbage because tons of trash come here from all over the capital of Egypt. The most unusual thing about this place is that people actually live here. Another strange thing about Manshiet Nasser is that local residents, the Zabbaleen, including women and kids dig through the garbage looking for something to resell. About 80 per cent of this trash is recycled and resold later on. Manshiet Nasser,a 10,000 sq km area of which half is inhabited, is a literally handmade town, an example of the survival techniques to which the desperate resort in the absence of any other options. A Fatimid limestone quarry partly evacuated to the Moqattam Hills to make room for the Autostrad in 1960, the neighbourhood is set at the back of a limestone cliff, lying on and around the elevation; it is flanked on the west by the Salah Salem highway, on the north by Nasr City’s Tayaran Street.

Aside from the fragmentary, unstable nature of their infrastructure and the frequent lack of basic amenities, housing has been the main problem facing Manshiet Nasser residents since 1972, when it became an attraction point to the garbage collectors of Cairo. Periodically when its inhabitants have grown in number, carving their own living space into the hill, the government chased them out, contesting the legality of their housing and their right to the land on which they were built. In 1984, an attempt to legitimise their presence was aborted when the rates at which the government offered them legal contracts to the land proved unaffordable.

Manshiyat naser is a slum settlement on the outskirts of the city of Cairo whose economy revolves around the collection and recycling of the city’s garbage. Although the area has streets, shops, and apartments like any other area of the city, it lacks infrastructure and often has no running water, sewage, or electricity.The city’s garbage is brought to Manshiyat Naser by the Zabbaleen, or garbage collectors, who then sort through the garbage to attempt to retrieve any potentially useful or recyclable items. As a passerby walks or drives down the road he will see large rooms stacked with garbage with men, women or children crouching and sorting the garbage into unsellable or sell-able. Families typically specialize in a particular type of garbage they sort and sell – one room of children sorting out plastic bottles, while the next of women separating cans from the rest. Anything that can be reused or recycled is saved by one of the numerous families in Manshiyat naser. Various recycled paper and glass products are made and sold from the city, while metal is sold by the kilo to be melted down and reused. Carts pulled by horse or donkey are often stacked 2.5 to 3m high with the recyclable goods.

Russian Camera Can See Human Soul

A wonder device can see the soul of a dead man pass away… or at least that’s what the inventor claims.

A Russia publication called “” gives a dramatic account of the experiments of an inventor from St Petersburg, who has created a device able to see human aura.

Accompanied by pictures suspiciously reminiscent of a series of thermal images of a woman at different temperatures, the report claims they are made with a special “gas discharge camera” built by Konstantin Korotkov, a professor at the Research Institute of Physical Culture and State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics.

The paper goes on to say that the device can register the circumstances of death, differentiating between a victim of a violent crime and a person who died quietly in bed. It also registers the changes in aura presumably made by a strong psychic working on somebody.