Openaire: A Laptop Case, a Workstation and a Chair

Consider two workplaces – (a) a brightly lit workstation with an air conditioner that maintains a comfortable temperature at all times, and (b) a work station in the open air where there is a cool natural breeze flowing and the sun is the source of light. Which one would you prefer? Without a second thought, I would definitely go for the second one. And one thing that can make working easy for me would be the new Openaire Laptop Case Workstation.

Designed by the Trincia brothers Nick and Beau the Openaire Laptop Case could be the perfect companion for all those who wish to enjoy their beautiful surrounding and yet continue with their work. This innovatively designed product is a combination of a laptop case, a workstation and a chair too. When all packed up it does look like a laptop bag but with a difference.

Wasn’t this something innovative?

Vacation Time ..

Finally my vacation started, It is the right treatment for me after being forced to attend job training classes for six months without a single day off, except weekends and working hard to pass the exams of that course, I’ve been planning for the vacation since early January.

I will spend the next 30 days in the states, I’ve picked New York, Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles as my destinations there.

Of course I wont be able to post regularly but I will try my best to keep you guys updated.

Fuel Powered Aircrafts To Call It A Day !

A giant glider-like aircraft has completed the first night flight propelled only by solar energy.

Solar Impulse, whose wingspan is the same as an Airbus A340, flew 26 hours and 9 minutes, powered only by solar energy stored during the day. It was also the longest and highest flight in the history of solar aviation.

Bertrand Piccard, the Swiss president of the project, best known for completing the first round-the-world flight in a hot air balloon in 1999, said the success of the flight showed the potential of renewable energies and clean technology.

This should be a wakeup call for those countries who are depending on oil as a single source of income !

I wonder if someone care here in Splendid Kuwait !!!

Review: Melenzane – We Cook Italian

I was invited for tasting at Melenzane Restaurant before its official opening but I was not able to post about it earlier because the owner wanted me to hold it until the official opening. Melenzane is now officially opened for dinner in al beda’a area serving different types of Italian dishes with an authentic Sicilian touch. I believe Malenzane will set a new bench mark for Italian restaurants here in Kuwait. The  atmosphere is amazing and the dishes I have tasted are out of competition !

It is worth mentioning that Melenzane chef have at least three dishes that won different international food awards.

For reservation you can call:

97299288 – 22263112

Amazingly Delicious Italian Burgers !

Go Again or No:

Definitely I’m going .


Particular        Rate (out of 5)

* Atmosphere         5.0

*  Service                 5.0

* Cleanliness           5.0

* Food Quality        5.0

* Presentation         4.5

* Price                      3.5

Overall                  4.6

One Of the best Fried Shrimps I've ever had

All Italian Supplies !

Up-Side-Down Interior and Fixtures
The Charming Table

Ernesto Neto Art Installations

Ernesto Neto is a contemporary visual artist known of his beyond abstract minimalism works.

His installations are large, soft, biomorphic sculptures that fill an exhibition space that viewers can touch, poke, and even sometimes walk on or through. These are made of white, stretchy, stockinglike material — amorphous forms stuffed with Styrofoam pellets or, on occasion, aromatic spices. In some installations, he has also used this material to create translucent scrims that transform the space’s walls and floor. His sculptures can be regarded as expression of traditional abstract form, but in their interaction with the viewer, they work on another level as well. (Source: Wikipedia)

Friendship Betrayal

Friendship Betrayal happens when a Friend betray, abandon or wound you.

Friendship is a very noble relationship between two persons and usually Friends help each other especially in the hour of need. But, when a friend betrays, it is really tough to cope up as it is something which you might not be expecting, more so if you have no fault of yours. It is something which hurts emotionally not because you lost a loser but because of the time you’ve wasted with her/him.

Though it is very difficult to spot out such kind of friends but some friends may be betrayers from the start and you make stupid mistake by forgiving them while others may turn into betrayers because of what’s going on in their lives or because of changes in their personality. There are different types of Friendship Betrayers and not all of them are same. The very common one is Double-Crosser which will pretend to be your friend but when you are not around will change her/his personality. The less common ones are Promise Breaker, The Dis-closer and The competitor. The competitor acts to be your best friend when you are around and once you are not he start planning to kill you because deep inside his head there are some weird imagination that you are his worst competitor!

Often, there are positive, wonderful friendships that are mutually beneficial to both friends that should last a lifetime. But there are other friendships that are negative, destructive, or unhealthy that should end. There is no point in dragging along a friendship when you know you are not comfortable with it. Many times, Friends don’t agree with each other. They fight and bring each other pain. But how much worse is the pain if there is a chance they may never have the time to resolve their differences?

How to Deal With Friends Who Betray:

Though it is not easy to cope up betrayal of a dear Friend but not difficult to attain. Life goes on and you make new friends. You push away your hurtful past and learn a valuable lesson from it.

One should always try to talk about it with the dear ones, Parents, siblings, and of course with other friends if possible. talk about it and make sure that everyone in your surrounding knows about it !

  • Clean your self out of anything that might connect you to her/him.
  • Do not stop making new Friends. If one friend has betrayed you, do not shut the door to this world.
  • Most important, learn to trust your gut feelings.
  • Don’t ever take revenge and respect the fact that there is something called God’s wrath.

Guatemala Sink Hole !

This sinkhole posted to the Guatemalan Government’s Flickr appeared in early 2010 in a street intersection in Zone 2 of Guatemala City. The cause: Massive underground water torrents created by tropical storm Agatha.

(16 – 18) Quran Almulk: Do you feel secure that He who [holds authority] in the heaven would not cause the earth to swallow you and suddenly it would sway?

:(16 – 18) الملك

أأمنتم من في السماء أن يخسف بكم الارض فإذا هي تمور. صدق الله العظيم