Fly-by Beach !

Juliana Airport, in the Antilles, has one of the shortest airstrips in the world and, in order to land, planes have to descend down to 10-20 meters above the heads of relaxing tourists on Maho beach. The landing strip is just over 2,000 meters-long, barely enough for large jets to complete their landings.

At the moment the only company flying weekly to Juliana Airport is Corsairfly. Iknow it looks pretty scary and dangerous but so far no incidents have been reported. Maybe just some bleeding ears every once in a while from the sound of the engines !

The Power Of consistency

Today I want to look at five motivational lessons on the power of consistency.  I hope you enjoy !

5 Lessons on the Power of Consistency:

1. Consistency Will Eventually Payoff

It takes twenty years to become an overnight success. – Eddie Cantor

The time is going to pass; it only makes sense to be consistent while it’s passing; this way, you will have something valuable to show for the passage of your time.

Can you imagine what you could accomplish in the next 20 years with consistency?  A little everyday will eventually equal…success !

2. Keep Having “Successful Days”

Everyday is either a successful day, or a day of failure, and it is the successful days that get you what you want. – Wallace D. Wattles

This is one of my favorite quotes, it’s so telling, so clear.  It is the successful days that turn dreams into realities.  The key is to consistently have successful days.

You should also know that you can’t be consistent doing something you don’t love.  Love what you do, do your best, and do it consistently, and in enough time you will succeed.

3. Consistency is a “Habit”

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle

Habit will take you further than your desires.  Cultivate the habit of doing successful activities, and you will have a successful life.  Successful habits separate the successful from the unsuccessful, and it’s usually just a handful of habits over the course of many years that separates the victors from the victims.

4.  Make Your Course “Regular”

Look to make your course regular, that men may know beforehand what they may expect. – Francis Bacon

If your course is regular, not only will men know what to expect beforehand, but you will as well.  When your actions are consistent, your future is predictable.

If you keep moving in the right direction, it’s just a matter of time before you get to your goal; that’s just plain common sense.

5. Persistence Requires Discipline

Persistence requires discipline. A person waiting for inspiration limits achievement to periods when conditions are desirable. – Dr. William G. Covington Jr.

Sometimes you have to push through the pain to get to the promise.  Sometimes you have to go through hell before you can get to heaven.  You won’t always feel inspired, but if you push through the pain, success will be yours.  Thank you for reading.

Nubrella The New Attractive Umbrella !

We only appreciate it when it is raining; the rest of the time we find it an annoying and impractical accessory. The old umbrella isn’t, in fact, functional and hasn’t shown much of an evolution since its creation. Its thin ribs break or bend easily, its use requires wide spaces, the protection it offers is little to none in the presence of wind and you always need a hand to hold it (two if the wind is strong). But it doesn’t have to be that way. As the new generation of umbrellas (Nubrella) has it all !

The recently launched Nubrella introduces a new concept in rainwear. Basically, it’s a foldable hat that is fixed upon the shoulders, leaving your hands free. Obviously, it doesn’t replace the use of an overall coat or a waterproof coat, but, on its own, it offers a much more effective protection than the traditional umbrella. It can be closed into the shape of a bow, and can be easily carried around. Furthermore, its makers say that it is very effective in protecting its user against the wind and cold, creating a sort of termic bubble around the user’s head.

To know more about it, simply click here

What is Determination ?

No matter how beneficial his work is ! I personally admired his determination !

I think his short story is just one of these stories that redefine determination ..

Leonard Murlynchik has been building his own metro alone since 1984 ! Yes 26 years and he never gave up !

All of the materials are bought from his retirement salary. Construction is on going !

By the way Leonard has all necessary documents and permits for this metro !

I respect such people, Live for a dream .. stand UP TALL for it and fulfill it  ! All the best MR.Leonard !

Yoga Can Fix it !

As a person who is suffering lower back problems (Slipped Disc), I’ve always been looking for non-surgical solution.

I’ve tried everything to eliminate the pain, I found out several tips that really work according to my own experience or other scientific researches. I’ve summarize the whole thing in this post for those who are suffering lower back pain.

And believe me, now this will work !

Twenty percent of all those who undergo surgery for lower back pain will get no relief. The remaining 80 percent will have problems ranging from mild to severe. All will have trouble with spinal flexion.

Yoga does not offer cures. It simply promises that if you faithfully practice these asanas every day, there will be no pain and you will build up a strong and supple spine, restructuring posture and body image. Once you have back problems you must remain conscious all through the day of how you stand, sit and lie down. Here are a few guidelines:

Always sleep on a firm (not necessarily hard) bed, with a flat pillow under your head and a thicker one under your knees. This will help the spine to reposition and adjust itself.

Do not wear high heels as this promotes lumbar lordosis and throws the spine out of balance.

Do not go in for break-dancing, strenuous aerobics, jogging, running or anything where you need to bounce or jiggle. Guarded activity is the key here.

For lower back pain, sitting is the most painful. Sit on a firm seat, not squashy cushions, and sit on your buttock bones. Do not loll back on the tailbone or lower spine. Wedge a rolled towel or small cushion behind your back to keep you upright. Sit as often as possible in The Diamond Posture (on your knees) in order to benefit the sciatic nerve and to cure a convex or a lateral curvature of the spine.
When the pain is acute and you can neither sit nor stand in comfort, rest in bed, take whatever anti-inflammatory or analgesic medications your physician prescribes, and wait until the pain is milder before starting on these postures.

All these asanas (yoga poses) have healing and curative properties. They will act as a form of mild traction, gently stretching the spinal muscles in safe extension postures. Strength will be gradually built up in the paraspinal muscles and buttocks, abdominal organs will be toned and strengthened, and pressure points all along the spine will be stimulated. Practice each asana to the point where mild pain is felt.

Walk Over The Walls Like Geckos? Maybe Soon !

Yesterday my older brother mentioned something interesting that is definitely worth sharing ! The Gecko technology !! I’ve done my bolgwork looking for how it works and came up with the following:

A gecko’s foot is like a perfect Post-it paper, As the lizard walks up a wall, its feet stick fast and peel off smoothly, never slipping and since no viscous glue is involved, never losing grip. A team at Ohio’s University of Akron has produced a new kind of “gecko tape” that mimics the thousands of hairs on the gecko’s footpad, each of which splits into hundreds of smaller nanohairs. The tape uses bundles of hairs, strong but flexible carbon nanotubes which, like the gecko hairs, create an electrostatic attraction with a surface.

Other researchers have also aped the gecko–Stanford University’s Stickybot, for example, climbs using feet covered with tiny angled hairs. But these previous attempts have never matched the strength and reusability of the original. One square inch of the new tape supports 50 pounds, making it four times stronger than a gecko’s foot. No commercial plans have been announced, but the team envisions the tape being used in space !!

The researches were announced 2003 so it seems that we gonna climb walls soon 🙂

The Parrot Said Once: You Know How To Succeed !

A man went into a pet store one day.  While entering the pet store he passed a talking parrot.  The parrot looked at the man and said, “You’re the ugliest man I’ve ever seen, it’s a shame how ugly you are.”

The man was surprised by the parrot’s response.  The parrot went on to say, “You are so ugly; you are ridiculously ugly.”

The parrot said, “It should be illegal for someone to be as ugly as you.”

The man was upset and went to tell the store owner what the parrot had told him.

After hearing what the parrot said, the store owner became angry with the parrot; he opened the parrot’s cage, grabbed the parrot and shook him, feathers went a flying.  The store owner told the parrot, “You better never call anyone ugly again!”

Then the store owner apologized to the man.

As the man was leaving the store, he was forced to pass in front of the parrot’s cage one more time.  As the man nervously approached the cage, the parrot made eye contact with the man.  The parrot looked the man in the eyes and said, “…You know.”

In other words, the parrot was saying to the man, “you know you ugly, yeah, you just got me ’beat-up’ by the store owner, but deep-down inside, you know the truth, and the truth is you’re ugly.”

And this is what I’m saying to you, “you know” what it takes to become a success; you’re just acting like you don’t know.  You’re trying to hide behind the intoxication of ignorance, but, “…you know!”

There’s a saying that goes, “Most people miss opportunity, because it comes disguised in overalls and it looks like hard work.”

You know what you need to do to succeed.  The reason you haven’t done it thus far is because it’s not easy.  But nothing worthwhile ever is; “you know” it’s going to take hard work and long hours to succeed at anything, and the truth is, you’re really not sure if you’re up for the challenge.

You’ve enjoyed the vacation of laziness for far too long.

You know that there are no elevators to success, everyone has to take the stairs. If you’re going to be an Olympian, it’s going to take hard work, a pro-athlete, hard work, a best-selling author, hard work, a great parent, hard work, the body of a supermodel, hard work, the CEO, hard work, a great marriage, hard work.  You name it, if it’s worth achieving, it’s going to take hard work to do it; you already know this.  So stop hoping that a miracle is going to deliver you to your promised land.

The promise is in you, and you will ONLY access it by putting in the time, forsaking all else, and doing the “hard work.”  Not checking e-mail, not doing research, but doing the critical steps that guarantee success.

You’re going to have to take the uncomfortable steps, but if you take them, and if you put in the time, success will be yours.

You know what to do, do it, there are no excuses.

Celebratin My 100th Post !

I’ve never thought not for a second, that I can write 100 posts in such a short period of time ..

“Mentos+Diet coke Can Probably Kill You” was my 100th post, and I want to take the advantage now and thank you all my dear readers for the support, motivation you showed and all the suggestions you’ve sent through E-mail.

All the credit goes to you guys ..

You were the propeller that made me to write, write and write again !

I just hope that I’ll continue writing stuff worth reading, and maybe introduce some new writers/authors in the future !

Thanks all

And best regards

Whatsupkuwait Author